Our internal Networks unit is responsible for designing, building and running the networks and technology platforms that BT, and our customers, rely on.

Across our fibre, mobile, WiFi and core networks, BT is a connectivity powerhouse, leading the world in the adoption of converged, automated, programmable network technologies. 

Bringing together network strategy, transformation, and the modernisation of our mobile and fixed network assets - along with direct partnering with Enterprise, Global and Consumer on leading edge, converged services and experiences – our Networks division designs, builds and runs the technology platforms that BT, and our customers, rely upon every day.

We live and work in a connected world where people want seamless service, great products and the best connectivity there is. Building a truly converged fixed and mobile network is at the heart of that. Our customers care less and less about whether something is mobile or in the home or office – they want their services wherever they are.

Howard Watson Chief Technology Officer

At BT, we connect for good

In Networks, we play our part, every day, to make this true.  We are responsible for the heart of BT, making sure our networks stay reliable, resilient, secure, and ahead of changing demands.

Our networks – both fixed and mobile – play an essential role in our 30 million customers’ lives, their businesses, and the economies of the 180 countries we operate in.

We’ve built a team of the world’s best communications technology experts. Our engineers have achieved extraordinary things: constantly upgrading and reimagining the network to stay ahead of the game, innovating using the latest network cloud, AI, virtualisation and advanced optical tech to build and maintain our world class global infrastructure.

  • Every year, we file more than 100 new inventions to keep BT, our customers and the UK at the cutting edge.
  • Thanks to our investments, we were able to satisfy peak demand in our core network of 22.7 Tb/s in 2020, a 30% increase over the same period in 2019.
  • In the past year, average download speeds on our broadband network increased by more than 15% despite this huge increase in demand for bandwidth.
  • In the UK, 96 % of people can now receive superfast broadband at more than 30Mbps.
  • On mobile we’ve seen a 36% increase in data usage over the last 12 months, with highest recorded peak on 18th March – a throughput peak of 802Gb/s for Europa League football.

Every day, we work to give BT customers the fastest, best connected networks there are, supporting truly world class solutions and services.

Put simply, we make the network... work.

Networks business structure

Howard Watson


Appointed in February 2016, Howard was formerly chief architect and managing director global IT systems and led the technical teams behind the launch of BT Sport in 2013.

Howard joined BT in 2011 and has 30 years of telecoms experience having spent time at Telewest (now Virgin Media) and Cartesian, a telecommunications consultancy and software company.

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