Successful adoption of new tech depends on public trust in both the technology and the organisations developing and deploying it. Trust is key to unlocking the full value of data, AI and other innovations at scale for consumers, industry, society – and our business. We aim to build and maintain that trust: by putting people and purpose at the heart of our products and solutions.

Harmeen Mehta Chief digital and innovation officer

Our AI vision

At BT Group, our ambition is to be the most trusted connector of people, devices, and machines. We are clear on the role we want to play in harnessing AI for a brighter future for everyone:

Combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence, we want to use the power of AI in a safe and ethical manner to unlock value for our customers and colleagues in alignment with our purpose to 'connect for good'.

Building trust to unlock AI value

Adoption will be key to unlocking the full value of AI at scale. To drive adoption, we’ll need to put people first – our colleagues, customers, and communities – and build trust.

At BT Group, we build and maintain trust by taking a responsible approach to tech that respects human rights. Our responsible tech principles - for good, accountable, fair, and open – ensure that we benefit people and minimise harms when we develop, use, buy or sell technology. 

In the context of AI, this means:

For Good

We use AI to empower people and improve their lives


We take responsibility for our actions and strive to protect individuals and organisations against the misuse of AI


We take steps to identify and manage AI bias, and ensure outcomes are fair


We listen, collaborate and are transparent about how we use AI

Strong foundations

To ensure our principles are put into practice in the context of AI, we have robust policies, processes, and expert people, underpinned by strong foundations of data governance, privacy and security. This ensures responsibility and mitigates risk at every stage of the AI lifecycle – from conception to real world monitoring.

Our responsible AI approach is anchored in our wider risk management framework and governance:

  • Our responsible tech principles are grounded in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and are part of our risk management framework.
  • Our Responsible Tech Steering Group oversees how we implement the principles.
  • We communicate our approach to responsible tech governance and respecting people’s rights through our Human Rights Policy.
  • Our ethics code – Being trusted: our code – spells out our commitments on responsible tech and human rights.