Our purpose is as simple as it is ambitious:
we connect for good.

We’ll know we’re making progress when our customers tell us we’re easy to do business with. When we have regular, open and honest conversations with each other and do the right thing. Our purpose means we go the extra mile for our customers, keeping them, their families, their friends and businesses connected. We all have a part to play in making this happen.

Personal. Simple. Brilliant. Our values show us the way

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Creating positive change

As technology changes our world, connections are becoming even more important to everyday life. We want to harness the power of technology as well as enabling others so we can come together and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges such as cyber security, the global pandemic and climate change.

Digital Voice roadshow van at Salisbury

Connecting with communities

Our products, services, networks and people are at the heart of the communities we operate in and help bring them together. Building and preserving relationships with all the communities we serve isn’t just core to our commercial success. It’s also key to the way we operate as a responsible and sustainable business. Communities rely on us to give them reliable and secure connections so they can make the most of the digital world. 

EE Hope United

Combating online hate

We’re for inclusivity and diversity. No matter gender, race, how someone identifies themselves, or even through a difference of opinion, we stand together in stamping out online hate and abuse. Hope United was established to tackle hate online. Through sport values are used to promote team spirit, respect and how to be a good digital citizen.

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Championing responsible tech

Responsible tech directly supports our ambition to be the world’s most trusted connector of people, devices and machines. This year, we launched our new responsible tech strategy. We want to make sure we develop, use, buy and sell technology in a way that consistently benefits society and minimises harm.

We connect for good

This is our ultimate purpose, the foundation on which we build everything we do.

We believe there are no limits to what people can achieve when they connect. And we know that we are in a position of responsibility: what we do, how we do it, and the technology we develop helps us bring people together and build those connections. 

We champion these connections, amplifying the power of people and technology to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges from climate change to cyber security. By removing limits and unlocking people’s potential, we strive to help everyone get more out of life.

That’s what we do, we connect for good.

Personal, simple, brilliant

Our values are what guide us towards fulfilling our purpose. They inform our culture, those unspoken messages that we all pick up on. Our values are about more than what we do. They reflect who we are. And who we aspire to be.

Lots of things build up our culture. For starters, there’s the work environment we create, the systems we use, the processes we stick to, the behaviours we all demonstrate and the stories we share about working here. But all of that flows from a single source, our values.

Our values guide our decisions at every level. They define how we work every day. We trust them to show us the right thing to do.

Personal. Simple. Brilliant. All of us in BT bring these three values to life, every day - wherever we sit in the business, whatever job we do, wherever in the world we live.

What do the values mean to us?


We come across as human and show our customers that we understand and care.

We always:

  • Own the outcome
  • Stay curious and open to learn
  • Treat others as they'd like to be treated


We're straightforward, easy to deal with and make complex things clear.

We always:

  • Keep moving at speed
  • Choose straightforward
  • Make things easy for customers


We lead the way in creating new things. And whatever we do, we do it really well.

We always:

  • Put teamwork first
  • Think big and bold
  • Fearlessly push for the highest standards