Our statement of business practice, The BT Way - our ethics code, defines BT's business principles that apply worldwide, to all employees, agents, contractors and others when representing BT.

BT Group plc's ("BT") chief executive officer, group finance director, a number of his direct reports and the lines of business finance directors hold important roles in corporate governance.

A code of ethics provides principles to which these officers are expected to comply and which they are expected to champion throughout BT. This code of ethics complements our statement of business practice, The BT Way- our ethics code.

Any change to this code of ethics and any explicit waiver granted by the Audit & Risk Committee or implicit waiver from it for these officers will be disclosed on our website within five business days after the date of the change or waiver and for at least 12 months afterwards. In the case of a waiver, its nature, the name of the person to whom it was granted and the date of the waiver will be described. Information on any change or waiver will be retained for a period of five years.

The chief executive officer, group finance director, the director group financial control, director group treasury, tax and risk management, other direct finance reports to the group finance director and the lines of business finance directors will:

  • Act with honesty and integrity, including ethically handling actual or apparent conflicts of interest between their personal relationships or financial or commercial interests and their responsibilities to BT;
  • Promote full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in all reports and documents that BT files with, or submits to, the US Securities and Exchange Commission or otherwise makes public;
  • Comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to BT and to its relationship with its shareholders;
  • Report known or suspected violations of this code of ethics promptly to the chairman of the Nominating & Governance Committee; and
  • Ensure that their actions comply not only with the letter but the spirit of this code of ethics and foster a culture in which BT operates in compliance with the law and BT's policies.

BT will take appropriate disciplinary action against any such officer who acts in contravention of these principles.