Working in partnership

BT's regional teams across the UK, including our offices in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, are uniquely positioned to work in partnership across the whole of the company, leading BT people to design solutions to meet the challenges and issues of their regions and local areas. The strength of these teams is their local knowledge and networks, and their ability to connect local issues and opportunities to colleagues and assets across the business.

With some 290,000 people employed directly and indirectly by BT in the UK, the company makes a substantial contribution to the national economy. This figure includes BT’s direct workforce, and those jobs supported along the supply chain through procurement and staff expenditure in local economies. Indeed, BT activities support around 1 per cent of all employment in the UK, a considerable contribution for a single company. As well as direct employment and investment, BT provides significant support to business organisations, local community organisations, sports and the arts both through direct funding and the provision of in-kind contribution.

Innovation through insight

The insight and understanding we gain from our local relationships and our in-depth knowledge of BT's huge resources and capabilities means we are best able to design and promote technology-neutral programmes and partnerships across the UK to support government initiatives and help stimulate business growth. For example, our partnership approach - working with local authorities, regional agencies and others, to develop next generation broadband solutions. These are solutions that can bring benefits across the country to many communities, businesses and interest groups who may really benefit but for whom it is not possible to justify immediate investment on commercial grounds alone.

Helping people locally

We also actively support local and regional communities with programmes that enable more people to benefit from new technology through digital inclusion projects. Take a look at our Skills for Tomorrow programme for information on how we are helping build digital lives.

Jane Wood, UK Nations & Regions Director

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