Landlines in the UK are going digital. The existing analogue technology (the PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network) which has supported phone and broadband services for decades is being retired and switched off.

The good news is the landline is here to stay.  By the end of January 2027, the vast majority of customers will be provided with a broadband line, making calls the same as they do today,  but using ‘Voice over IP’ technology that uses an internet connection. 

Digital landlines will be easier to maintain and will underpin many of the new digital services for homes and businesses, providing a better service for customers.

The switch from analogue to digital landlines  has already started in many countries including Germany, France, Australia and Japan and is a key step towards preparing the country for a Full Fibre future, in support of the UK Government’s gigabit connectivity ambitions. 

Together with Government, Ofcom, telecoms providers, charity partners and key industry groups, BT is working hard to ensure that everyone knows about the change, how they will be impacted and what they need to do as a result.  

Further information about the industry wide change can be found here:

Home customers

Digital Voice is BT’s new home phone service, delivered over a broadband connection.

For most customers, the switch to Digital Voice will be as simple as connecting your home phone handset to a router rather than the phone socket on the wall.

Following successful trials in Salisbury and Mildenhall, BT is raising awareness about the switch to Digital Voice on a region-by-region basis.

BT’s regional awareness raising is being supported by local general awareness communications, local events and advertising campaigns to help customers understand the simple steps required to make the move to Digital Voice.

Customers will be contacted at least four weeks in advance before making the switch, to ensure they are ready to move to Digital Voice.

Summer 2023

  • East Midlands
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Northern Ireland

Autumn 2023

  • North West
  • London

Spring 2024

  • West Midlands
  • South East
  • Wales
  • East Anglia

Summer 2024

  • North East
  • Scotland
  • South West 

Case study

Marlene's story

Marlene came to our town hall event in Leeds after receiving her invitation to find out about Digital Voice.


Latest news on Digital Voice

Follow our announcements on the progress of the Digital Voice rollout.

Business customers

Alongside traditional phone services, the PSTN supports everything from alarm systems, and traffic lights to ATMs. Customers who have devices connected to their landline, will need to check with the manufacturer or service provider that any equipment they use will still work on a digital landline. 

At BT, our expert teams are working with business customers, large and small, helping them to embrace modern, digital alternatives.

Customer stories

Find out how we’re helping businesses like yours prepare for the digital switchover.

Case study

Archant Media

Find out how we helped leading media company Archant in its pursuit of achieving digital transformation.

If you are a provider or manufacturer of any equipment that works using our phone network and want to check whether it is compatible with a digital phone line, you can visit our digital services lab at Adastral Park near Ipswich. 

Man leaning on a kitchen worktop speaking on a phone
Man leaning on a kitchen worktop speaking on a phone

Frontier Economics: Switching off the PSTN: Migrating from analogue to digital landlines

Frontier Economics were asked to consider the industry wide benefits of switching off the PSTN and moving customers onto digital landlines. The report outlines why the upgrade is happening, the challenges, the benefits and conclusions on how a successful migration can be enabled.