Nidhi Jailkhani

Nidhi Jailkhani unveils what it’s really like to work in Service Management, how she’s shaping BT's commitment to outstanding customer service and why the scope of learning opportunities makes her role unique.

What is your role and what does your day-to-day look like?

I work as Client Relations Professional within Service Management Centre within BT Business, typically dealing with Corporate and Public Sector customers (CPS) and is a reactive desk which addresses longstanding/unresolved customer issues after the business-as-usual (BAU) process has failed. My day-to-day work involves understanding and investigating the highlighted customer issue, escalating this to the relevant team and seeking resolution to the best of customer’s satisfaction.  I am also a Service Manager to high profile customers within Managed Services. I am also a lead for EE desk which takes care of a broad portfolio of EE mobile managed customer base.

I have recently stepped up as Team Coach, I am actively involved in supporting the team by sharing knowledge, providing support and guidance on high level escalations through our reactive desk.

What is unique about your role? And what’s your favourite thing about it?

One trait that I feel makes this job unique is that there is a tremendous scope to learn new things and upskill yourself. Trust me, I am constantly seeking out new learning opportunities ever since I started with this role. Although I joined as a Client Relations Professional for the unmanaged customer base, I have been offered opportunities to up-skill myself from time to time not only within Managed Services but also EE Mobile managed services. I have also been a Continuous Improvement (CI) lead wherein I showcased how I managed to innovate and streamline an internal team process, aligning this to become a BAU process within the Service Management Centre.

I have always worked in customer service, all the way up to managing large enterprise client accounts in my current job where the key success factor is ensuring the best customer experience. My favourite thing about this role is interacting with various internal and external stakeholders i.e. BT’s internal teams and the key customer. Every customer wants to be heard, appreciated and valued by BT. As a part of this role, I am always motivated to ensure that correct action has been taken in line with customer requirement and they are being constantly updated around the progress of these asks ensuring that BT values of being simple, personal and brilliant are at the fore front of what I do. By ensuring best customer experience through my coordination with BT’s internal teams, I successfully contribute towards enhancing not only the customer’s Likeliness to Recommend but also the Net Promoter Score as they are the key performance indicators of BT’s efficiency.

What kind of customers do you get to work with? Can you tell us about a time you realised you really cared about or made an impact on the customers we serve?

When I started working within the Service Management Centre, I was primarily taking care of long-standing/unresolved issues for unmanaged customers within Corporate and Public Sector. Based on my experience in dealing with unmanaged customers, I stepped up to become a named Service Manager to some of our managed. As I became more confident in taking on these customers more effectively, I was asked to take on some high profile customer including major supermarket accounts. Being an EE lead for the EE Managed Services desk, I’m the dedicated Service Relationship Manager for a number of high profile customers and I lead service reviews and take care of day-to-day business requirements.

Ensuring excellent customer service and the best customer experience have always been at the forefront of whatever I do. I was recently required to support on a high level escalation for one of my esteemed customers who had highlighted failed business as usual processes around multiple orders and billing issues. When I took on this escalation, I set up a meeting to understand customer’s issues in order to escalate them to the relevant teams. I also arranged to bring the respective subject matter experts required on customer review calls in order to ensure any sort of clarification or quick resolution. This has not only helped me win customer’s confidence by resolving their longstanding issues but also rekindle their faith in BT as they turned out to be a “Promoter” in the next Deep Insight Survey filled out.

You’ve come from the utilities industry but now work in a tech-co. How did you find changing industries and how did the business support you?

As mentioned before, I have always worked in customer services throughout my career of sixteen years. Ensuring best customer service has always been at the forefront in every role I have worked on. In my previous organisation, I worked for a customer interventions team wherein I was proactively reaching out to customers on the back of power interruption to discuss their feedback and support them before they get surveyed by (the regulator) OfGem. However, being a Service Manager in my current role, I am focusing on resolving customer’s unresolved issues where business as usual has failed with a clear motive to positively impact Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer’s Likeliness to Recommend (LTR). Hence, I did not feel much of a change when I moved industries as I am working towards achieving the business goal of ensuring the best customer experience possible.

I was warmly received by the Service Management Centre and received the best possible support that I could via team leader, coaches and peers to do my job in a simple and an effective way with the ultimate goal of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Can you talk about how the business has upskilled you since you joined?

Ever since I have joined this team, I feel really blessed to have received multiple opportunities to grow and upskill myself from time to time. From being a Service Manager to unmanaged customers to Desk Based Service Managers to esteemed managed customers, the journey has been quite glorious and non-stop with no looking back. I am constantly building confidence whilst carrying out service reviews for managed customers, sharing knowledge with my colleagues and peers being a team coach and working towards streamlining the EE Managed service desk.

Over the period of my working within this team, I have also managed to secure an ITIL V4 Foundation certification, and I have also been given an opportunity by our Learning and Development team recently to secure a Prince2 Foundation certification.

How would you describe the culture here or the team you work with?

I cannot stop myself from saying that Service Management Centre is one of the best teams to work within BT. From the time I have joined, I have had the pleasure of working and interacting with the best leaders who are always there to inspire or motivate you to carry out your role. The support and confidence that I have received to do my job from my peers is highly commendable. So whenever we have a new start in our team, I try and replicate the same experience that I had so that they feel supported and comforted at every stage in order to work to the best of their ability. Although my team is spread over Glasgow, Belfast and Kolkata, the process and terms of our engagement are aligned so meticulously that distance never matters here. I am so proud to be a part of with wonderful team and strongly wish that it grows and excels in the future by leaps and bounds.

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