Nadim Islam

We sat down with Nadim to learn more about his transition from a B2B area to working in the Digital space 

What does a Digital product owner do?

A Digital product owner can mean different things to different people. It can depend firstly on the organisation, work culture, what squad or area of business you are working in and a host of other factors. However, some of the key pillars of what I believe a Digital product owner should do, is to put the customer at the heart of what you do through agile principles. From having a seamless Digital customer journey, where you define the vision, cultivate the product backlog and prioritise the business needs. It is imperative as a Digital product owner that you act as a primary liaison between the development squad and other key stakeholders. Ultimately, ensuring you evaluate product progress at each iteration and product increment.

How did you land a role in the tech space?

Having studied International Business and Management at University, I started to grow a fascination for the tech space. I witnessed first-hand how businesses were starting to pivot from physical storefronts to the landscape of digital marketing and e-commerce. After I graduated from university, I was able to work in e-commerce for Levi’s as well as a Digital Marketing Agency, which fuelled my passion for all things product and Digital. At BT Group I have been able to work across our Enterprise and Consumer Digital customer facing units.

You moved from our B2B area to Digital. How was this transition? And what are the differences?

That’s right, I previously worked within Enterprise working the VoIP space. I then shifted across to Consumer Digital working on BT TV Set top box journeys.  There definitely has been a transition in terms of working with new teams, learning new architecture and Digital journeys compared to Enterprise. The difference between the two is that I was working on Digital journeys for the end customer within Consumer Digital, while there was a wholesale aggregator model within Enterprise for resellers.

What exciting projects have you had the chance to work on with BT Group?

During my time at BT Group, I have been fortunate to work on many exciting projects from launching a new Call Analytics solution for Enterprise customers, to launching Cisco Webex. More recently within Consumer Digital I have worked on our exciting partnership with Netflix on BT TV, as well as offering BT TV customers the much-desired Asian Mix.

What opportunities have you had since joining BT Group?

There has been a raft of opportunities here at BT Group for me, from socials to partaking in networking opportunities, mentorship programmes to attending Consumer Live. I recently completed the CPR training should I ever be witness to an emergency.

How are we innovating in the Digital space?

Innovation is a hot topic not only within Digital but across the wider business from cost efficiencies to creating cutting-edge Digital journeys. From building on new IT stacks and consolidating legacy, developing more agile developments will ultimately aid for a better future for BT Group. Utilising Data, AI and Machine learning at Digital, there is a pipeline of exciting projects that will be driving a better CX and UI for the business.

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