Lois Neary

We spoke with Lois to learn more about her apprenticeship experience so far, including the development opportunities as well as dyslexia support she’s received from the business.

How would you describe the apprenticeship programme to others? What attracted you to BT Group and the apprenticeship programme?

I’d say that the apprenticeship is the best thing to do if you want to get your foot in the door of an amazing and supportive company like BT Group! I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career for some time, but then I ask myself what am I good at and when I helped my boyfriend with his business as a landscaper and dealt with the organising and background work, I knew I wanted to do something like that on a much bigger scale.

One of my close friends did an apprenticeship like this in a different part of the business, so she told me about the apprenticeship schemes that were on offer in the business and told me how supportive the business is as a whole. I had never experienced anything like the supportive culture the company offers before in my past job roles, so applying for an apprenticeship here was a no brainer. I wanted to try something new as well and it is definitely paying off.

How do you manage your apprenticeship studies along your full time role?

At the minute, I am at the start of my career as well as my apprenticeship, and I am being weened into it all gradually on the full-time role. The business knows I have university (studying time, lectures etc) once a week and they work around me. 

What learning and development opportunities have you had?

I have had the opportunity to explore LinkedIn Learning, I have had training on specific processes to do with project management such as MyPD (My Project Delivery) and MySD (My Service Delivery) which is to do with orders and deliveries project. I have had opportunities to go to open events at my office to have Q&A’s with senior members to find out how we can develop professionally and what is good to do when you are looking to develop, e.g. mentoring is a good way to connect to someone to help develop yourself and your career.

How has BT Group supported your wellbeing and sense of belonging? What kind of support have you received from the business with your dyslexia?

People all over the business have been so supportive and helpful, the available internal forums for dyslexia have been a blessing to have for support, as at least a handful of people are not afraid to speak out and help you with your journey if you have the courage to ask for it. I feel part of this company more than I have anywhere else and it is the perfect place for developing, being supported, and having those opportunities to thrive. 

How would you describe the culture and work life balance at BT Group?

I find work life and culture very easy to balance, I always want something to do when I have free time, whether that is going out with friends and family or playing football for my local football team Bury AFC- I’ve played football since the age of eleven and last year my team won three trophies. I am always looking to develop skills for football, so I do extra training and play with some other colleagues here at BT Group in five a side/seven a side games for fun. But that helps with my fitness for the football team I play for as well. 

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