Gil Hutlak

As an apprentice Gil is given the responsibility for developing and implementing innovative digital solutions with his team. As a new-joiner, Gil shares more about his journey with the business and what he’s learnt along the way.  

Why did you apply for the apprenticeship scheme with us?

When I first discovered the scheme with BT Group, I was immediately drawn to the idea of personal development. As a student, I understood that theoretical learning was only one part of the equation, and that practical experience was essential to my growth. I knew that BT Group, as a leader in the industry, could provide me with an unparalleled level of hands-on experience, and that I would have the opportunity to learn in a real-world setting.

Moreover, working in a corporate environment would provide me with a unique opportunity to network and build relationships with others in the tech space. I recognise the value of such connections in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology. Finally, I was impressed by the diversity and inclusivity that the business promotes and felt that it would be a welcoming environment where I could make meaningful contributions. Overall, I am excited about the prospect of being part of BT Group and the opportunities it will provide me for my personal growth and professional development. 

Can you tell us what a Digital Tech Solutions apprentice is responsible for?

As a DTS apprentice, the responsibilities can vary depending on the specific rotation, which can be in areas such as network engineering, cyber security, data analysis, software development, and more. However, in general, DTS apprentices are responsible for developing and implementing innovative digital solutions.

We work closely with experienced professionals and teams to learn about the latest technologies, products, and services in the industry. We are responsible for gaining hands-on experience by working on projects and collaborating with teams to develop and deliver solutions that meet customers' unique needs.

Additionally, DTS apprentices are expected to continue their personal and professional development through training that includes degree level university assignments and lectures, on-the-job training, and mentorship. Also, we must maintain a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, and customer service skills to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality solutions and support. 

You’re currently on rotation with the sales team, what skills have you learnt?

As a newcomer and a first-year apprentice, I am excited to be a member of the Future Voice team. Our team's primary focus is to act as pre-sales consultants, supporting the sales team by providing high-level design (HLD) solutions tailored to meet the specific technical requirements of our customers. Despite having been with the team for only four months, I have already gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of network systems and technologies.

One of the most valuable skills I have developed during my time in Future Voice is the confidence to communicate and ask important questions of both sales personnel and our customers. As a result of my deepening technical understanding, I feel much more comfortable in discussions with others, knowing that I have a strong grasp of the subject matter. This skill is particularly important as effective communication is key to ensuring that our customers receive the best possible solutions for their unique needs.  

As an apprentice what opportunities have you been represented with in your journey so far? 

I have been fortunate to experience a variety of unique opportunities. From attending gatherings for the internal BT Muslim Network to visiting different offices and interacting with different teams, I have had the chance to participate in a range of events and activities that have broadened my perspective and enriched my experience. Currently, I am in my second semester at university, which has provided me with the opportunity to travel to campus and network with other like-minded apprentices from across the UK who are enrolled in the same course at different companies. This has allowed me to connect with others in my field, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into their journey and career paths.

Unfortunately, there have been times where I have had to decline opportunities due to having other priorities, but I am glad that is the case instead of vice versa. I appreciate how much BT Group has to offer, it makes me feel included and valued. 

Can you tell us about the support you received in your first rotation?

When I first started, I was fortunate to receive ample support from my manager and other departments. As a new apprentice, I had a lot of questions and was often left feeling confused. However, my manager's guidance and the early careers team's assistance helped me navigate the various resources available to me. They provided valuable information, including contact numbers for mental health support, a team to assist with financial matters, and advice on general queries related to the apprenticeship. I found this support to be immensely helpful and it gave me the peace of mind to know that I was not alone, and that I had a team of individuals who had my back and were invested in my success. 

What excites you about the future of BT Group?

BT Group's focus on digital transformation and innovation is a key factor in driving its future growth and success. With the ongoing deployment of 5G and fibre networks, as well as the development of digital services, BT Group has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals live and work. Furthermore, our partnerships and collaborations with leading technology companies and start-ups are indicative of its determination to remain at the forefront of the industry and provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers. By leveraging these partnerships and staying at the forefront of technological advances, the business can position itself as a company that is consistently pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. Ultimately paving the way for a brighter and more connected future which I am excited and proud to be a part of.   

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