Fahmida Choudhry

We sat down with Fahmida to learn more about the Sales graduate scheme and the different projects she’s been working on

Can you talk to us about the transition between full-time education to a graduate scheme with BT Group?

At first, I was nervous as well as excited about the transition between full-time education to the graduate scheme. I wasn’t too sure if I was going fit in or know what I am doing. I was excited to start working in the big corporate world. The transition was smooth and, was made easy as the business arranged a one-week graduate induction which included lots of information about BT Group and everything you can get involved in. It also included talks from previous graduates who were able to give us advice. The transition was like university in some respects as you have the chance of being involved in extra activities and networks aside from your day-to-day job. I’ve helped organised events for our Early Careers Community and participated in networks such as the Ethnic Diversity Network and Muslim Network. 

Can you tell us how the graduate scheme works and why you chose to opt for this option?

I am currently on the Sales graduate scheme. The scheme runs for two years consisting of three rotations each running for eight months. The scheme allows you to experience different areas of the business such as Wholesale, Small Medium Enterprises and more. This was appealing to because of the variety of work you can get involved in. For example, working with small businesses to big companies. Not only are you exposed to customer interactions and manage the business relationship with them but, have the chance to get involved in the implementation side of the customer’s journey. The graduate scheme also supports your personal development, where you’re able to take part in workshops that provide you with different skills to learn and take on board for the rest of your career. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Every day is different. I can get involved in a variety of things. I am currently in my second rotation of the grad scheme I sit under the team; SoHo Emerging Channels. I enjoy seeing initial conversations with potential customers turn into live partnerships. Being involved in the process of this has been insightful as you get to work with lots of stakeholders in implementation, marketing, finance and legal. This role allows me to continuously learn and gain knowledge on how the business strives to get the best results for our customers. 

What is your team culture like?

If I could use one word to describe my team’s culture it would be welcoming. This is welcoming in all aspects, welcoming to people, thoughts, and questions. As a graduate I have always felt welcomed and included regardless of my experience. I am given the opportunity by my team to get involved in upcoming partnerships and events.  My team's culture has pushed me out of my comfort zone which has developed my skills and thought processes at work. I am always asking my team questions and encouraged to get a better understanding. My team’s culture has helped me see my potential and build my confidence. I am always wanting to support and get involved with upcoming partnerships. 

What exciting projects or events have you been able to take part in during your grad scheme?

Since I started my graduate scheme in September 2021, I have taken part in many events and projects. Over the time I have attended expos ranging from Cloud Solutions to the Media Industry and even Catering and Trade Shows! The range of expos has displayed the variety you can get involved in covering your different interests. 

An exciting event I supported and attended was SoHo Games Finals, this involved three finalists pitching an initiative that would steer ‘#DriveForGrowth’. The final was like Dragons Den where we had judges and a winner. It was great to see and hear all three ideas. 

What advice can you give to our new grads?

My advice to new grads would be take all opportunities and get involved as much as you can. There are plenty of things going on in the business and everyone is excited to have you on board. I recommend you ask all the questions you have; this will give you a better understanding of your work and lets you learn.  Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question. 

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