Eduardo Stevanato

We had a chat with Eduardo to find out how he’s explored multiple career paths within BT, supported others’ development and why having trusting relationships is essential to delivering for our customers.

What is your role?

I’m a Network Designer which consists of building and designing how the network path will be handled across Customer´s infrastructure. I normally deal with new site implementations or legacy upgrades.

How does your work enable customers’ business growth?

From my perspective, during the design phase, I´m able to validate the customer infrastructure topology and technology components. If there is a new technology or equipment, I can suggest a change or design modification in order to meet the customer’s future needs.

You’ve been with BT for eleven years. How has your career evolved in that period of time?

Throughout the eleven years, I´ve encountered many challenges and opportunities which I’m delighted to tell you about. At the beginning of my BT journey, I joined as a Network Second line Support, basically working with routers, switches and on customer feedback. I then became a Duty Manager where I was responsible for leading crisis calls and writing executive summaries about critical incidents. As I always was leading many teams and working with vendors, I had the opportunity to change my role to Operations Manager.

Although I kept leading on escalations, I became responsible for the personal growth of twenty one BT employees. That was fantastic for me to see a person's growth. A year later, I was able to join the Training Team, as a trainer. For me, this was a remarkable time in my life because I able to share all of my knowledge to people across the globe. After 3 years as a Trainer, I was able to join, for a short period time, the Customer Success team... which was amazing. Finally, I´ve decided to follow a technical path in the Network Design team and once again, BT gave me the opportunity to get to know more people and to learn about new technologies.

You’ve worked in several telecoms/ technology companies. What attracted you to BT and what has made you want to stay here?

BT has a strong background and is the biggest network company in the UK. My objective is one day to be part of the UK team, so I see my experiences so far in BT as personal growth which will enable me to achieve that objective.

What do you enjoy most about working in a Global organisation? And what is unique about working for BT in Brazil?

I'd say what I enjoy most about working in a Global organisation is the interaction with many people from other cultures. I had the opportunity to travel to other countries working for BT... especially in India.

How does BT support its colleagues’ learning and development and how have you helped others with their development?

Throughout my eleven years at BT, I was able to see many colleagues grow personally and professionally. As I was part of the Global training team, I gained visibility of the many programmes and offers which support employees’ growth. Whether you’re from a technical or non-technical background, BT always had the culture of investing in its people, which I can see reflected in the way we treat and deliver for the end customer. This is a great way to co-create value for our clients, giving the best and well-prepared analysts, engineers…and so forth to manage their network. This results in a trusting relationship between the customer and BT.

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