Cerys Phipps

We sat down with Cerys to find out more about her role and what opportunities she’s been able to take on outside of her role 

Can you talk to us about your role and day to day responsibilities?

My day-to-day role includes developing sales and marketing techniques via training courses or projects that I have been assigned. Face to face or virtual meetings with our customers in the Defence space to talk about future developments on site or current issues and problems that occur.  

What opportunities have you been given as an apprentice in your role?

Within the sector I work for I get the opportunity to travel. I have visited Portsmouth and London for work. Being in Defence has given me opportunities to talk to senior individuals and discover the importance of my role in the business. 

What misconceptions do you feel people have about the apprenticeship schemes?

I think many people believe that because you are an apprentice, you won’t be given any real responsibility or the chance to shine in certain areas of your job. This is very wrong. Every line manager I’ve had has been so supportive and has given me the opportunity to lead on projects, talk to customers and create change when needed. You still have a social life. Many people think there won’t be that social element to apprentice schemes but throughout your scheme you will be invited to a lot of social events, within the business area you work in or across the apprentice community.  

What challenges have you faced and overcome on the scheme?

I’ve struggled with working full time and studying for a degree, it’s the balance of juggling everything at once. However, after speaking to line managers and colleagues, I have been able to find that balance. I can take certain days off to catch up with university work but also structuring my work really helps. 

What do you like about being in the office?

The best thing about being in the office is talking to different teams and individuals that I may not have seen or spoken to in a while. Oh, and of course, going out for lunch with colleagues. 

Can you talk to us about your volunteering days and what you have gotten up to?

Everyone receives three volunteering days a year and I took mine in August when I helped organise and run a charity cycle event for Blue Light cycling club. My involvement was through organising evening meals, ensuring everyone was catered for, handing out their cycling jerseys, signing them in on the morning of the cycle event and touring Coventry with a bike engineer (which was so much fun). It was great to meet so many new people and come together to celebrate and raise awareness of an incredible charity which is, Blue Light.   

What have your rotations been like at BT Group so far?

My rotations have been great. I’ve managed to see the full business life cycle of contracts through a sale, project management, service management and business management perspective – all which link in one way or another. I have been given more responsibility than I could have ever imagined. I have started my last year back in a sales role and I look forward to completing this scheme next year. 

What advice would you give to those starting their apprenticeship with BT Group?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help. Both are key factors in ensuring that you develop yourself professionally and I would say it’s the only way you can properly learn.  

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