Amanda Silva Soares

We talked to Amanda to learn more about doing her dream job, her favourite aspect of working in multinational teams, and how BT is paving the way for women in male dominated fields

What is your role and what is your favourite part about it?

I'm currently a Network Designer which involves providing the best and most reliable solution to the customer. Providing outstanding Network service to customers and receiving positive feedback from them are my favourite parts of the role.

How does the work you do impact our customers?

First of all, before working on a customer’s network, you need to understand their needs and expectations. In order to provide the best solution to the customer you need to ask some of the following questions: What does the customer need? How can we design a solution around that? Based upon customer expectations what is the best approach? Some of these questions are key to improve, create or renew customers’ networks. Without that, you may run into a lot of problems like cabling or routing issues, equipment which can’t support customer traffic… Without solid, reliable designing, customers can experience slow, disrupted communication. Providing a good and reliable solution to the customer is the key to success. BT has the right tools, processes and people to design networks that achieve customers’ goals.

You left BT for a year and returned with a different role. Can you tell us about that experience and what you love most about working for BT?

Before leave BT I was working with the NOC (Network Operations Centre) Team as a second line support. Unfortunately my position in my location and office at the time was no longer available so I had to leave BT. A year later, I saw a position opening as a Network Design Specialist, a position that I was already looking into when working at the NOC. So I took the chance, applied for the job and got offered the position. I'm back at the company I love and in the position I always dreamed of. Working at BT is a real pleasure for me, not only for the benefits, but most of all, for the people. The people in BT are so amazing, friendly, helpful, and above all, respectful. We really do work together to deliver the best for our customers. 

What is special about BT’s culture and working in a multinational organisation?

The most amazing thing is to experience different cultures from many different countries: being able to talk, work with, and find a solution with people from all over the world with different perspectives. The diversity of people at BT helps us provide the best experience and service for our customers.

What advice would you give to people considering joining BT in a Network Design role?

Go for it! Challenge yourself! BT will be able to offer a breadth of experiences with different challenges and you will have opportunities to learn and grow. 

What is BT doing to get more women into technical roles?

I think BT is following the right path by giving equal opportunities to all genders. On top of that, BT gives women from different technical backgrounds the opportunity to talk about their experiences and lead teams, which is really inclusive and can inspire others to follow this path, to take a chance, and go for it. 

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