Q. I do not wish to receive shareholder reports or other shareholder communications from BT in the post. How can I suppress these mailings?

You can sign up as an e-shareholder and receive BT shareholder communications electronically - via email, instead of by post. You will then be able to read and/or download the information via the internet. You will also have dividends paid directly to your bank or building society account.

Q. I purchased shares in BT1, BT2 and BT3; how much did I pay?

Details of the instalments for the three offers for sale of BT's shares can be found on the Listings page.

Q. What information is available for blind and partially-sighted shareholders?

BT produces audio CDs for the benefit of shareholders with special needs. In June, a CD is available of extracts from the combined summary financial statements and AGM Notice. Other shareholder circulars are recorded on an ad hoc basis.  If you require a copy of the audio CD please contact the Shareholder Helpline

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of the Company's Annual Report & Accounts?

The reports can be accessed via the Annual reports page on our website. Printed copies of the reports may be ordered from the Shareholder Helpline.

Q. I am a student; where can I obtain information about BT?

You can access the company's Annual Reports page on our website. For information other than the company's Annual Reports & Accounts, you can visit our About BT website.

Q. When and where was BT incorporated and where were its shares traded?

British Telecommunications plc was incorporated in April 1984 in the UK. It was formerly owned by the UK Government, but between 1984 and 1993 virtually all the shares were sold to the public. BT shares ceased trading on the London, New York and Tokyo stock exchanges on 16 November 2001.

Q. When and where was BT Group incorporated and where were its shares traded?

BT Group was incorporated in the UK in March 30, 2001 as Newgate Telecommunications Limited.  The company changed its name to BT Group plc on 11 September 2001.  Following the demerger of mm02 from BT in November 2001, the remaining activities of BT were transferred to BT Group plc.  BT Group shares started trading on the London and New York Stock Exchanges on 19 November 2001.

Q. When was BT's initial public offering and at what price?

Shares in BT were offered by the UK Government in three stages, in November 1984, December 1991 and July 1993. The instalments for the three tranches of BT's flotation - BT1, BT2 and BT3 - are summarised on the Listings page.

Q. For tax purposes, what were the relative BT Group and mmO2 share values on demerger of mm02 in November 2001?

The confirmed official opening prices for BT Group and mmO2 shares for capital gains tax ('CGT') purposes, were 285.75 pence and 82.75 pence respectively. This means that, of the total value of 368.50 pence, 77.54% is attributable to BT Group and 22.46% to mmO2.

Accordingly, for CGT calculations, the base cost of your BT Group shares is calculated by multiplying the acquisition cost of your BT shareholding by 77.54%, and the base cost of your mmO2 shares is calculated by multiplying the acquisition cost of your BT shareholding by 22.46%.

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