You may reproduce copies of our material or take photographs/film of them yourself. However, you will need our approval and you must stick to the following conditions:


  • You can submit a reproduction request by downloading our Reproduction Application form
  • A separate form is required for each instance of reproduction
  • Reproduction fees may be charged
  • We may refuse applications from a publisher or broadcaster if, in our opinion, previous standards of reproduction have not been of sufficiently high quality
  • We reserve the right to refuse any application. Particularly where BT’s commercial interests could, in our view, be compromised
  • Material must be used in full and not edited or manipulated. The only exception is if you have the prior written agreement of the archivist
  • A complimentary copy of the publication, broadcast or product must be forwarded to us in a mutually agreed way
  • Applicants must give BT publication rights – free of charge
  • All conditions relating to acknowledgement, copyright and charges must be observed and adhered to

Photography and filming

  • People wishing to photograph or film at BT Archives must complete our Photography and Filming Application form. This can be downloaded in advance of your visit. It includes acceptance of full responsibility for any damage to life or property incurred while using the facilities
  • Fees may be charged for all photography or filming
  • Copyright in all photography and filming at BT Archives or of BT Heritage material remains with BT
  • All conditions relating to acknowledgement, copyright and charges must be observed and adhered to


  • With the exception of reproductions used in advertising, the following acknowledgement must appear within, or next to, the reproduction - or in the section devoted to acknowledgements:

    'Courtesy of BT Heritage & Archives’

  • Our finding number or other reference must quoted, if available
  • In the case of television programmes and films, acknowledgement to BT Heritage must be included in the credits
  • Where reproductions are used for advertising or promotional purposes, the form of acknowledgement must be approved in writing by the archivist