The BT Consumer Special Services engagement team have today written out to Industry contacts advising that from September 2020, BT Consumer will gradually start including Special Service customers into our provision of Digital Voice.  We’re taking extra care to ensure Special Service users aren’t adversely affected by the move to all IP. Customers using Special Services continue to be identified through various means such as Alarm Receiving Centre calls and specific questions as part of the customer order journey.

Where we identify Special Service customers, we will advise them to inform their Special Service provider, be it telecare alarms, intruder alarms or other signalling equipment, to make them aware that their service is moving to Digital Voice. The Service Provider will need to decide what appropriate action is needed.

Intruder alarm users or other special services equipment users will be advised to contact their service provider. Telecare users will be advised to speak with their provider by making an alarm call.

The transition to all IP Voice services by communication providers is in line with BT’s announcement to move all our customers from PSTN to all IP by the end of 2025. Digital Voice is now available nationally to eligible new and existing customers. Digital Voice is not currently being offered to customers requiring a voice only service, they will remain on PSTN for the time being.

Here’s our previous communication on our Digital Voice launch. For more information please visit our all-IP website.

Sodhi Dhillon
Special Services Industry Engagement
BT Consumer


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