EasyShare, BT’s Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service is an easy way for UK and EEA resident shareholders to hold their BT shares electronically. As you don’t hold a share certificate(s), there is no risk of losing it.

If your shares are held in EasyShare, you will still have the same rights and benefits as other BT shareholders. For more information, please see the Help pages.

EasyShare offers you a number of benefits, whether you decide to keep or sell your shares. For further information, please see the downloadable EasyShare booklet and EasyShare Terms & Conditions.

Briefly, the main benefits to you are:

  • Shares are held electronically - by holding your shares electronically, you do not need to hold a share certificate to prove ownership of your shares. There is no risk of you losing an important share certificate either and having to pay a fee for obtaining a duplicate
  • View your shares online - details of your shares held in EasyShare can be viewed online
  • Free statements - you will be sent a statement once a year showing how many shares you have in EasyShare
  • Free transfer of other BT shares into EasyShare - if you hold any other BT shares in certificated form, you can transfer them into the EasyShare free of charge using the attached forms
  • Transfer shares to another CREST participant account - you can transfer shares to another stockbroker or nominee account (free of charge if within 90 days of the shares going into the EasyShare account) using the attached forms
  • Free transfer of BT shares into the Equiniti Investment Account – if you want to hold or trade your BT shares in the Equiniti Investment Account, you can transfer them into the Investment Account free of charge. Please see Equiniti share dealing for more information 
  • Equiniti share dealing - you can sell some or all of the shares immediately after you become entitled to them, you no longer have to wait for your share certificate to arrive in order to sell your shares. You can sell or even buy shares quickly on the internet or over the telephone or by post if you prefer

Please note that Equiniti and their advisors are not operating on behalf of BT and that any business entered into with them should be considered as independent of BT. Other brokers offer similar services for selling shares but you would need to transfer the shares out of EasyShare first (see information on transferring shares out of EasyShare). If you are in any doubt about share dealing you may wish to consult an authorised financial adviser.