BT Group shareholder e-communications are administered by Equiniti Limited, BT Group’s Registrar, on behalf of BT Group.

1. Any electronic communication sent by a shareholder to BT Group or Equiniti found to contain a computer virus will not be accepted. BT Group’s obligation to deliver an electronic message is satisfied when it is transmitted. BT Group cannot be held responsible for a failure in transmission beyond its control, any more than it can for postal failures, or for loss or damage arising from the opening or use of any email or attachments from the company.

2. BT Group reserves the right, irrespective of your election, to revert to sending paper documentation by post whenever it considers it necessary or desirable to do so.

3. If BT Group becomes aware that an electronic notification has not been transmitted successfully, we will post a paper notification to your registered address.

4. Your email address will not appear on the shareholder register, or be available for public inspection.

5. If you wish to have your email address, as held by BT Group, changed or removed from the records held by Equiniti, please amend your details on Shareview.

6. Your election to receive notification of the publication of BT Group shareholder documents electronically will remain in force until revoked by you notifying Equiniti on Shareview. You can also update your address and/or bank details online on Shareview.

7. Electronic communication facilities from BT Group are available to all BT Group shareholders. The offer and provision of these facilities will not discriminate between shareholders.

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