We have a role to play, not only in reducing our own end-to-end emissions, but also in providing products and services that help our customers and wider society to transition to a low carbon economy.

Between 2013 and 2019, we delivered on a commitment to achieve a ‘3:1 Net Positive ratio’ – enabling our customers to avoid three times the emissions of our own end-to-end carbon footprint.

Building on this success, we are continuing our focus on providing products and services which enable carbon reduction and set a new carbon abatement target in 2021 - to help our customers avoid 60 million tonnes of cumulative carbon emissions (carbon dioxide equivalent, or CO2e, emissions) by the end of March 2030.

Carbon abatement calculations provide an estimate of the greenhouse gas emissions (calculated in CO₂e) that are avoided or reduced with our customers' use of BT Group’s products and services. Emissions from a ‘before’ (or baseline) scenario are compared with those from the ‘after’ (or technology-enabled scenario).

We have developed a new abatement methodology to explain our approach.

The methodology and case studies represent the best available data to us at the time of publication, and we recognise the need to periodically update the methodology and our case studies as information and available data evolve.

We have developed the methodology based on previous work we have undertaken in this area while conducting literature and peer reviews.

We take into account new emerging technology solutions and rebound effects have been considered, acknowledged, and documented and are quantified where possible.

In recognition that this is a complex area to accurately measure, we are sharing our methodology and case studies to drive transparency in the hope of stimulating further learning, and we welcome any feedback using the following form.


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