Creating an inclusive workforce and a great working environment for all of our colleagues remains at the top of our agenda and it’s part of our bold and ambitious D&I strategy.

We’re committed to ensuring that the diversity of our workforce truly represents our customers and the communities we serve and we’re working hard to recruit more women into engineering and technology roles and to understand any barriers to career progression for women.

This year BT’s Gender Pay Gap 2021 statement outlines the reasons for our overall median gender pay gap of 6.7 per cent.

In previous years we have published an annual Gender Pay Gap report, detailing information about our initiatives and activities to reduce the gap. The information previously included within our GPG reports will be included within our 2022 Diversity and Inclusion report (D&I report) which will be published at the same time as our 2022 Annual Report and Manifesto report (previously called the BT Group plc Digital Impact and Sustainability Report).

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