BT is expanding its bank Digital talent across the UK including a recruitment drive in Birmingham. Ashruti Rajesh, who joined BT Group at its Birmingham Three Snowhill site, talks about her experiences.  

She said: “When I finished by degree in English Literature, I honestly would have never imagined myself to end up working in tech.  

“I started at BT on Valentine’s Day, which was really lovely as the reception at the Birmingham Snowhill office gave us all roses. That’s one of my favourite things about working at BT, everyone I’ve met has been super warm and welcoming and willing to share their expertise on working within Data and AI.  

“Working with data every day can be really fun, particularly if you have an eye for detail and enjoy analysing things. It kind of reminds me of English Literature, through the way you interpret and analyse texts, find meaning in them. It’s similar here, but different in the sense that you’re not just working with words, but numbers and code too. 

“Going from writing 4000 word essays to writing scripts of code has its difficulties, but I find similarities between the two and enjoy placing an analytical lens over something other than texts. My colleagues are always super helpful and never hold back from sharing their knowledge on how to approach tasks. I’m learning at a pace that’s right for me. 

“Before I realised that I wanted to work in technology, I took part in FastFutures, an online programme which gives young people more insight into the professional working world and gave me more exposure to what working in Data would look like. Soon after, I discovered that CodeFirstGirls were offering fully funded bootcamps – or ‘CFGdegrees – to help women upskill in data and coding. I signed up and fortunately got a place sponsored by BT. I completed the three-month course and was then offered a role by BT as a Data Analyst.”