BT Group has created a state-of-the-art Customer Experience Centre at the company’s new headquarters in East London.

The centre, called Aurora, provides an opportunity to showcase our forward-thinking technological developments across multiple industries, including robotics, software and virtual reality. All supported by our unrivalled 5G capabilities.

It allows businesses and public and third sector bodies – from across the UK and globally – to experience technology that could enhance their business or public services today, and in the future.

The centre is equipped with four immersive demo rooms, collaboration spaces and media walls. Visitors can access interactive experiences that address a range of organisational challenges, from operational resilience, to cyber security threats in a ‘live’ environment.

Aurora gives visitors a chance to look at some of the latest innovations in connected technology across a range of areas, including 5G-enabled robots in a manufacturing setting; using connected and smart sensors and cameras to help make cities more efficient, connected and sustainable; and in healthcare, showcasing the potential for remotely guided procedures and robotic surgery, powered by 5G.

The Customer Experience Centre Manager, Izzie Masters, believes it’s a great facility to have in the heart of London. “It’s fantastic to have this immersive state-of-the-art demo facility in our new London headquarters. 

“It’s a cutting edge demo centre where we bring to life some of our leading innovation and technology. For our customers, it’s a chance to get a glimpse into the future and experience some of the tech solutions that could help their organisations succeed and become more efficient.”