Valerie Wilson
Valerie Wilson

Valerie Wilson, senior manager at BT has worked for the business for 21 years and is proud to have been involved in the recent launch of the Cyber Security Operations Centre at Belfast’s Riverside Tower. This launch adds to BT’s international network of SOC’s across the globe.  

Valerie said: “We opened the first cyber security operations centre, which is based in Belfast in October this year, and I’m proud to say that it’s the first of its kind here in Northern Ireland. With the scale and complexity of cyber attacks constantly increasing, it’s important that businesses here have the right protections in place and BT’s 40-seater SOC offers this expertise to both public and private sector companies here.” 

Valerie continued: “It’s been an exciting time for the business. The team I work with offers 24/7 management 365 days a year for ICT assets across the Northern Ireland civil service and at BT we really feel like we’re making an important difference to fighting cybercrime. 

“As an increasing number of public services are being delivered online, we’re offering the highest levels of security classification to fight these sophisticated cyber-attacks and I work with an amazing group of talented colleagues in the SOC to make sure that our customers IT systems are protected. 

Valerie added: “It’s also great doing this in our refurbished Riverside Tower, BT’s flagship Northern Ireland building. It’s recently undergone a multi-million-pound refurbishment, so not only do I get to do an exciting job that makes such an important difference to our customers, but I get to do it in a great environment. I’m really looking forward to seeing the SOC grow here as we recruit more talent to work with us over the coming year.”