BT Home SmartPhone

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Cordless telephone with answer machine

BT Home SmartPhone

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BT Home SmartPhone GPL codes

Product helpdesk information


If your phone is within warranty:

By phone: 0808 100 9889

Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm


If your product is out of warranty contact BT's recommended agent

By phone: 0800 980 8999


Spares information


Replacement parts, including batteries, line cords, additional handsets, etc, are available from the product helpdesk.


Troubleshooting tips

BT Home SmartPhone troubleshooting

  1. How can I connect my BT Home SmartPhone to my wireless network?
  2. How can I switch remote access to my answer machine on and off on my BT Home SmartPhone?
  3. How can I update the software of my BT Home SmartPhone?
  4. How to import contacts from my mobile phone to my BT Home SmartPhone?
  5. Why does it say ‘Handset is Out of Range’ in the Notification panel on BT Home SmartPhone?
  6. Why is my answering machine not recording messages on my BT Home SmartPhone?
  7. Why is my BT Home SmartPhone not connecting to the wireless network?
  8. What are the differences between the BT Home SmartPhone and BT Home SmartPhone S?
  9. Can the BT Home SmartPhone be upgraded to Android 4.2 or Nuisance Call Blocking?

More phone troubleshooting

  1. Why can't I make or receive telephone calls?
  2. Why do the batteries keep running low?
  3. Why don't I seem to get a very good range?
  4. Why does my handset screen continually display 'Searching', 'Base' or 'Range out'?
  5. Why does my handset screen continually display 'Register'?
  6. Why doesn't my handset ring?
  7. Why is my answer machine not recording messages?
  8. Why can't I play messages that have been left on my answer machine
  9. Why can't I use another type of BT cordless handset with my existing base?
  10. Why am I receiving interference or noise on my phone?
  11. Why are all my incoming calls too quiet?
  12. What are the conditions of the guarantee?
  13. Why is my keypad not responding when I press a button?
  14. Why is my Caller Display not working?
  15. Why can I hear callers but they can't hear me?
  16. Why can't I send or receive text messages?
  17. Why wasn't a full user guide provided?
  18. Why does my answering machine announce the wrong day and time?
  19. What is ECO mode?


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