Why does it say ‘Handset is Out of Range’ in the Notification panel on BT Home SmartPhone?

If the handset displays 'Out of Range' in the notification panel, this indicates that the handset has lost its connection with the base station.

Please follow the steps below to re-establish the lost connection:

  1. Check that the mains power is correctly connected to the base and the power socket on the wall
  2. Check if the batteries are fully charged
  3. Check that the handset is within range of the base. The range can be affected by the proximity of metal objects, such as a television and electrical devices
  4. Turn off the mains power for few seconds and then turn in on again
  5. Try re-registering the handset to the base. Please refer your user guide

If none of the above steps solve your problem, please contact the helpdesk.

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