Can I take over someone else's BT Email service?

There are 3 types of email:

  • Basic email (which is free) 
  • Standard email (existing BT Broadband customers only)
  • Premium email (which you pay for)


Whilst we can transfer ownership of a broadband service, it's not possible for us to transfer ownership of a BT ID or any email address and this includes any that are linked to the transferring broadband service. This also applies if you want to take over the email address of someone who's died.

If you've previously used an email address that's linked to a transferred broadband service, then you can continue to do so as long as the new BT account holder lets you. Or you can order Premium email to keep your email access.

We can't transfer ownership of a Premium email service to another person.

Requesting transfer of ownership

It's unlikely that we'll agree to a transfer of ownership, but our legal team will ONLY consider a request for access to or transfer of ownership of a deceased, sick or incapacitated person's email account if the appropriate documents are provided:

  • For a deceased person - a grant of probate or administration. This is the document which gives authority for someone to deal with the deceased person's estate
  • For an incapacitated person - a court order or a Power of Attorney to support and substantiate the request

You should send these documents, along with a letter outlining the reason for the request, the details of any specific data that needs to be accessed and on what grounds, to BT plc, pp EH4C, Charter Row, Sheffield S1 3EF. Remember to include your contact details and relationship to the account owner.

We can't guarantee that an email address that's been inactive for a period of 150 days before the request is received won't be deleted in line with our terms of service.

When we receive the documentation, our data protection and legal team will review the request and contact you to discuss the outcome.

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