Digital Voice: I have a problem with my service

What problem are you having?

When I use my handset, I get an interrupted and different dial tone
This is an audio signal to let you know that you have a new voicemail. Additionally, if you're using our Advanced or Essential Digital Home Phones, you will see a visual prompt to let you know you have a voicemail - press the Voicemail button to get them.


I'm unable to make or receive calls >
If you're having problems making and receiving calls, there are some quick and simple things you can check

I have a problem with my calls >
Do your calls keep dropping? Is your call quality poor? Find out what to do

I have a problem with my handset >
Your handset won't switch on, won't charge or won't ring?

What does the message on my handset mean? >
Are you seeing a message or hearing an announcement?

My extensions have stopped working >
Extension sockets aren't supported on our Digital Voice service. You can connect existing phones to the phone port on the back of the Hub


I'm having broadband connection problems >

Are you having problems viewing web pages or connecting to your hub?


Why does my Digital Voice phone ring when I'm already on a call? >

Multi Call is a new feature from Digital Voice customers, but if you'd rather stick to one call at a time you can.


 I have a problem with my battery back-up unit (BBU) >

What to do if you're having issues with your BBU, which keeps you connected if there's a power cut.


Why is my burglar alarm or health pendant showing an error? >

What it means and what to do about it. 




If your problem isn't listed, you can use our online troubleshooter to test your connection, report a fault with the network and fix a wide range of Digital Voice problems.

Digital Voice troubleshooter >

If we can't find a fault or fix the problem online, we'll give you the option to book an engineer appointment.

If you can't connect to your BT Broadband, you can also do all of this using your mobile internet connection.

You'll need a BT ID to log in:

It's easy to run tests, report a fault, fix problems and book an engineer online using our troubleshooting tools. To do all this, you just need a BT ID to log in.

As well as allowing you to report and fix faults, a BT ID can also be used for online billing and for accessing other online services and inclusive extras.

It's quick and easy to set up using an email address and your BT account number.

Create a BT ID >

Already have a BT ID but forgotten your login details? >


Already reported a fault?

Track your fault, change contact details and appointment times using our fault tracking service >

Still having problems?

Visit our contact pages for other ways to get in touch.

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