Digital Voice: BT Broadband connection problems

Are you having problems viewing web pages or difficulties connecting to your Hub?

Many of our customers with broadband connection problems find that the following steps help:

  1. Make sure your Hub lights are on. If not, check the power cables are plugged in properly and it's switched on at the mains. You can check your set-up by following the instructions in Connecting and setting up your BT Hub >
  2. Turn off your Hub, computer and any other devices that you're trying to connect. Leave the Hub off for at least one minute before restarting. Allow a few more minutes for the Hub lights to settle. Once they have, you should see a steady, blue light. If not, there could be a problem with your broadband service. Find out more about what the lights mean and what to do: What do the lights on my BT Hub mean? >
  3. There might be a temporary problem with the network that's affecting every broadband connection in your area. You can check for network problems by entering your telephone number on our service status page >

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If you can't connect to your BT Broadband, you can also do all of this using your mobile internet connection.

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