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BT and EE are coming together to give you more. We've created the UK's no. 1 broadband
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An ultra-reliable connection, whatever you throw at it

New Full Fibre is rolling out across the nation, built on the UK’s most reliable broadband tech. It can connect over 100 devices, so you can be sure it’ll keep up with you. Now and in the future.

BT broadband’s perfect for gaming

No slowing down, with speeds up to 900Mb

We’re leading the way with Full Fibre to give you a noticeably faster connection – even at peak times. If you can’t get ultrafast Full Fibre, you can still go superfast with our Fibre broadband.

Complete Wi-Fi Discs extend your signal around your home

Wi-fi that covers every corner of your home

Struggle to connect to wi-fi in some spots? Extend it all around your home with Complete Wi-Fi. For a reliable signal in every room or £100 money-back guarantee.

No one does more to protect you online

Only BT includes Norton™ Security with every broadband package. And our 3,000-strong team of specialists work to protect against cyber attacks 24/7. The UK’s Armed Forces, banks and emergency services rely on us – you can too. We’re here for you if you need help. No other provider has more expertise in security, with dedicated specialist support when you need it.

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We offer a range of broadband packages with different speeds up to 900Mbps! To see how fast you could go, head to our broadband deals page.

If you're already with BT, you can check your broadband speed with our handy speed tester.

If you're not with BT, try the Which? broadband speed test.

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Just choose a broadband package with us and we'll contact your current provider for you (unless you're with Virgin Media*).

We’ll give you a switching date – usually within two weeks, unless you choose a later date. We'll pop your BT Smart Hub in the post and text you when your BT broadband is activated. Simple.

If you need an engineer installation, we’ll let you know when you order.

*If you’re with Virgin Media, the best thing to do is talk to us and Virgin to try and line up the switch in service.

Broadband speed needs vary between every home. If you’re a single user your needs will normally be lower, something as low as 10Mbps would work. A medium-sized family might need more bandwidth to ensure you can work, game and stream all at the same time, anything between 25-100Mbps would work well. A heavy internet user or large family would want to aim for something about 100Mbps.

A good broadband speed is determined by the rate in which data can transfer between your device and the internet and back. A good speed is normally considered to be anything around the 10Mbps mark, but the speed you require will vary based on usage.

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