12 month broadband deals

Wherever you are, we've got a 12 month broadband package for you. Whichever one you choose, it's broadband you can rely on.

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Your BT Broadband deal includes:

Brilliant, expert service

You’ll always speak to one of our customer service teams based in the UK and Ireland.

Speed guarantee

Great broadband speeds you can rely on day and night, and a personal speed guarantee.

Broadband hub

Our Smart Hubs provide you with strong and powerful wi-fi.

Broadband security

BT broadband security has more features included than other big providers.

Frequently asked questions

This will depend on the product you order and the telephone line at your new home. We’ll let you know when you place your order if we need to send an engineer and book an appointment for you. Your order confirmation email or letter will also give you details of any engineer appointment or let you know if you can install the service yourself.

if you’re taking a Superfast Fibre package, then we won’t charge you for installing or reconnecting your line. If you are taking a BT Broadband package, then we will charge you £30 for installing a new line. These charges apply whether or not you add EE TV to your package.

If you are ordering a BT Phone package, you may have to pay a connection charge but we’ll let you know when you order. There is usually a £50 fee for activating an existing line that is provided by BT or another provider, and a £130 fee for installing a new line.

First of all, see whether you can find any phone sockets in your home. (Make sure you try less obvious places, like under the stairs.) See if there’s a BT logo on the front of the socket box. You can also start placing an order with us online, and we’ll perform a line check to see whether you have a phone line with us. Just enter your postcode on the 'Start your order' page once you've chosen your package.

If you'll be living in the same telephone exchange area (e.g. Lincoln 01522) it might be possible for you to keep your current phone number. We'll let you know when you start your home move. If you're moving to a new area, you'll probably need a new phone number.

If you need a new number, we can arrange for your current number to be re-directed to your new property or to your mobile phone.Just add Caller Redirect to your calling features.