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You’ll always speak to one of our customer service teams based in the UK and Ireland.

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Great broadband speeds you can rely on day and night, and a personal speed guarantee.

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Our Smart Hubs provide you with strong and powerful wi-fi.

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BT broadband security has more features included than other big providers.

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Perfectly priced broadband

Our pricing starts from just £33.99 a month, ensuring a premium service with speeds to match. Looking for a cheaper option? Our fibre broadband offers slightly reduced speeds but the same great reliability. Need top speeds? Full Fibre starts from £38.99 a month.

Ultrafast broadband speeds

From basic 36Mbps to a blazing-fast 900Mb with Full Fibre, we have options for everyone. Busy Household with gamers and streamers? We've got you covered. Need something more basic? No problem. Plus, we offer fibre and mobile broadband options. Our 4G mobile broadband delivers speeds from 15-30Mbps.

Combine and save: phone and broadband deals

Bundle phone and broadband for a cost-effective package. Our Digital Voice phone service offers clear calls and many features, all through your broadband. To see the phone packages available, simply select phone and broadband when selecting your broadband package.

Entertainment included: EE TV and broadband deals

Add the best in entertainment to your broadband with EE TV. From sports packages to family-friendly options, we have something for everyone. Simply add EE TV after choosing your broadband package.

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BT and EE are coming together to give you more. We've created the UK's no. 1
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Frequently asked questions

Choosing your broadband is vital for ensuring you have a good experience when using the internet. A well selected broadband package can see you and your family working, streaming, and gaming uninterrupted. The key things to consider when selecting your home broadband are:

  • Speed: Speed is often the biggest consideration, if you have a multiple people using the internet at any one time then speed and bandwidth will be critical. Fewer users can often mean you can afford to have a slower speed and potentially save some money in the process.

  • Availability: The infrastructure across the country varies and as such you’re access to certain packages might be different. As Full Fibre rolls out across the country thanks to our partners in Openreach, we’re continually adding more postcodes which will be eligible for Full Fibre. Use our useful postcode checker to find out if you’re able to get our fastest broadband yet.

  • Usage: How often do you or your family use the internet and what for? A single person using the internet casually will not need as higher broadband speeds compared to a larger family who may be streaming and gaming. All our packages have unlimited downloads, meaning you’ll never need to worry about your usage or any additional charges.

  • Equipment: Ensure the router you receive as part of your broadband deal is using the very latest technology, this will help improve reliability and speed. All our broadband hubs have the latest technology installed to give you the best possible connection.

  • Customer Service: Ensuring your broadband provider has good customer service means if you experience any issues you’ll be in safe hands. Our customer service is available 24/7 and our reliable broadband network ensures issues are kept to a minimum.
  • The broadband speeds you require largely depends on the size of your household, the number of users and the usage. For example, smaller households who just use the internet for browsing can get away with slower speeds without impact on experience. Whereas larger households with more users will need higher speeds to accommodate everyone. Here are the different speeds ranges and what households they’re suitable for:

  • Around 10Mb: 10Mb is often enough for light internet usage, suitable for around 1-2 people that are just browsing the web or using social media. This speed is often cheaper than other higher speeds because of its limitations with coping with things like gaming or streaming.

  • Around 30-60Mb: This speed range is much better for more users, higher usage and multiple devices. But in larger households where gaming and streaming are used more often, the internet may still need higher speeds.

  • 60Mb+: These sorts of speeds will generally handle anything, including gaming, streaming and more. Large households of 4+ people will easily cope the higher the speed the quicker and better the experience.
  • Every broadband connection is different. Whether it’s the cabling or the type of home you live in - your internet connection can be affected in many ways. The most common factors are:

  • Connection / broadband type: The connection type you have directly affects the speed arriving at your house. For example, if your connection still uses old copper wiring, such as ADSL or Fibre Broadband, then your speed will be slowed by the transfer between fibre to copper or the distance of the copper wiring.

  • Distance from cabinet (green street box) and /or Exchange: If your house is further from your street cabinet or the exchange then the broadband signal has further to travel and has a higher probability of interference. This shouldn’t be an issue with Full Fibre (FTTP) connections where the fibre optic cables run throughout the network, as fibre optic cables don’t lose speed over distance like traditional copper wiring does.

  • Router positioning and distance: Where you place your router in your home can have a big impact on the performance of your internet. Try to keep it close the devices you use the internet on the most, ideally with nothing blocking it. In larger homes or older homes with thicker walls you may want to consider a Wi-Fi booster.

  • Time of day and number of users / devices: The busier the household or network is in the wider area can have an impact on your overall speed. If you’re a busy home with everyone using the internet you can expect that to impact your speed, equally the evenings are generally peak times for internet usage, and this can affect speeds.
  • Our ongoing work on the UK’s broadband network is aiming to deliver Full Fibre to the entire country, so the chances you can get the fastest broadband available are always increasing. The best way to check this is by using our postcode checker to find out what’s available to you in your area.

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