Can't watch or access subscription TV channels

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What’s happening?


I just bought or changed my package

I'm seeing an error code

I can't get one particular channel, but others are working

I'm having technical issues


I just bought or changed my package

Your new channels should work as soon as you get them, but may take up to an hour.

If there's an issue with your order, we'll text asking you to get in touch.

If you didn't get a text but your channels aren't working please check your software is up to date. Press the Home button on your remote control and then go to Settings (the cog icon) > Software information > Update software.  


I’m seeing an error code

Type it into our error message finder to check what’s wrong. 


I can't get one particular channel, but others are working

Sometimes a channel is removed from a package. Check your subscription and package to see.

Not sure which package you have? Check at My BT, you’ll find the information in Your Products > TV and Sports.

Or you could be using the wrong channel number - sometimes these change, especially if you’ve changed package. Please press Guide on your remote to check your channel numbers.


I’m having technical issues

If your broadband isn’t working, you can’t watch your subscription channels. To check your broadband, make sure the BT Hub light is blue or try getting online with your computer or tablet. 

If broadband isn’t working, get help with your broadband connection >

If broadband is working, make sure your TV box is connected to broadband properly >

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