BT Mobile: What do I need to do before I go abroad?

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Different countries charge different amounts for data, texts and calls. So you might want to check these costs before you travel. 


Find out more about charges abroad >


To stop you getting hit with an unexpectedly big bill, we cap the amount of data you can use when abroad to £35. You can change this by going to your My Mobile page >


Navigate to ‘Your Products’, then select ‘Manage’ within the mobile section. Click on the settings for the SIM plan, then click the ‘Advanced settings’ button to open a section where you can adjust your data roaming cap. This cap cannot exceed your monthly spending cap allowance you have set. 

Or you can simply turn off data altogether in your device settings.


There are other ways we can help you manage how much you spend on your mobile when you're away >


You might also want to think about a BT Mobile data add-on for when you're abroad. It can help keep costs down because you buy several MB of data in one go so the price per MB is lower. Find out more about data add-ons >


You'll also need to check that your device is set up to work abroad. To get the best possible network coverage, please make sure your handset can automatically select a network. Find out how to do this at >


To access voicemail abroad you will need to have set up a Voicemail PIN and understand how to access voicemail when abroad


Find out how to set up voicemail >

Checking your device settings for use abroad

Your device uses something called APN settings to connect to the internet using mobile data and also to send MMS. You'll need to check that your network settings are correct.

How to set up APN settings for Android >

How to set up APN settings for Apple iPhones >

How to set up APN settings for Windows Phones >

How to set up APN settings for BlackBerry >


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