BT Mobile - How do I set up voicemail?

No one wants to miss an important phone call. BT voicemail will help answer any calls you've missed. It's easy to use and, most importantly, we give you unlimited access as part of your plan.

Do I need to activate voicemail?

No. BT Mobile will automatically divert all unanswered calls to voicemail. Just dial 1571 to listen to your messages, personalise your greeting, or set your voicemail PIN.

How do I know I've got a voicemail message?

We'll text you to let you know.

How do I listen to voicemail?

Dial 1571 from your phone.

By setting up a voicemail PIN you can also listen to your messages from any other phone including a landline. and you can call your voicemail from abroad.

Just dial your own BT Mobile number, press the * key when the voicemail announcement starts, then enter your PIN.

How do I set up a voicemail PIN?

Dial 1571 from your BT Mobile phone. At the personal options prompt press 2. Then you'll be asked to enter a four digit PIN. It's best not to use a PIN that's easy to guess, such as 1234 or 1111.

If you want to call your voicemail from abroad, you'll need set up a PIN before you go, as you can't set one up when you're out of the country.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

Dial into voicemail 1571 using your BT Mobile phone. At the personal options prompt, press 2 and set a new voicemail PIN.

What happens if I put in the wrong PIN?

If you put in the wrong PIN three times, you won't be able to use your voicemail service for 10 minutes.

Turning voicemail on and off

BT Mobile comes set up to divert any unanswered call to voicemail.

  • Dial 15710 from your phone (it's free) to turn this off. (You'll hear a message: "Your request to turn off conditional diverts to your BT Mobile voicemail has been confirmed")
  • Dial 15711 to turn it back on

For times you don't want to be disturbed, all incoming calls can be diverted straight to voicemail.

  • Dial 15712 to turn this on. (You'll hear: "Your request to turn on unconditional diverts to your BT Mobile voicemail has been confirmed")
  • Dial 15713 to turn it off

How do I pick up my voicemail messages from abroad?

To pick up your voicemail abroad you need to have set up a voicemail PIN before leaving the UK. To do this, access your voicemail in the UK and follow the voice prompts. Make sure international roaming is switched on by going to the "Manage what you spend" section at >

To pick up your voicemail:

  1. Dial your own mobile number
  2. Wait for your voicemail greeting to kick in, then interrupt it by pressing *
  3. Enter your voicemail PIN number and follow the voice prompts to listen to your messages

How long can I keep saved voicemail messages?

They'll be stored for 30 days.

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