How do I manually set up my mobile phone for MMS?

Most of the time you can get yourself set up automatically by following the instructions we text you once you put your new SIM into your phone.

If your phone can't automatically accept the settings, you need to put them in yourself.

MMS settings

  • APN: eezone
  • MMSC: http://MMS/
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 8080
  • User name: eesecure
  • Password: secure
  • Authentication type: PAP

Make a note of these settings then use our guides to find out how to put them into your phone.

Get help with your model of phone >

If you can't find a guide for your phone, we may not have one for it yet. Here's what to do:

First, make sure your phone is set up for data:

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu button.
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Mobile networks
  4. Tap Access Point Names
  5. Tap the Menu button
  6. Tap New APN
  7. Tap the Name field
  8. Enter BT Mobile, then tap OK
  9. Tap the APN field
  10. Enter everywhere, then tap OK
  11. Tap the Username field
  12. Enter eesecure, then tap OK
  13. Tap the Password field
  14. Enter secure, then tap OK
  15. Tap the Menu icon
  16. Tap Save

Now set up your phone for MMS:

  1. Tap the Menu button
  2. Tap New APN
  3. Tap the Name field
  4. Enter MMS, then tap OK
  5. Tap the APN field
  6. Enter eezone, then tap OK
  7. Tap the Username field
  8. Enter eesecure, then tap OK
  9. Tap the Password field
  10. Enter secure, then tap OK
  11. Tap the MMSC field
  12. Enter http://MMS/, then tap OK
  13. Tap the MMS proxy field
  14. Enter, then tap OK
  15. Tap the MMS port field
  16. Enter 8080, then tap OK
  17. Scroll down, then tap the Authentication type field
  18. Tap PAP
  19. Tap the APN Type field
  20. Tap internet + mms or enter *, then tap OK
  21. Tap the Menu button
  22. Tap Save
  23. Tap the button next to the new APN to set it as the active connection

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