How do I use BT Mobile abroad?

No one wants to leave their phone behind when they're abroad. In most cases, your BT Mobile SIM is already set up for dialling or using abroad - you don't need to call us or do anything to activate it.

No one wants to leave their phone behind when they're abroad. In most cases, your BT Mobile SIM is already set up for dialling or using abroad - you don't need to call us or do anything to activate it.

Once you're abroad, your phone should work as normal so there's no need to use a UK country code to call home.

To get the best possible network coverage, please make sure your handset can automatically select a network. Find out how to do this at >

Does BT Mobile work in all countries?

Yes, with a few exceptions.

Countries where you can't use BT Mobile >

There are also some countries where you'll be able to make calls but not use data roaming.

Countries where you can't use data roaming >

With some international networks, you may have to switch to 3G to get data services.

Read more about international network compatibility >

We can't guarantee that BT Mobile parental controls will work when you use your phone abroad.

Can I choose a different mobile provider when I'm roaming abroad?

For now, there are no alternative roaming providers working with BT Mobile. BT Mobile should give you all you need to roam abroad.

You might have read about something called local breakout (known as LBO) that lets you take your data services (but not texts or voice calls) from another provider when you're roaming in an EU country.

At this point we don't know of any local breakout providers working with BT Mobile.

Can I use my plan allowance abroad?

Yes, in over 40 destinations. Find out more on our calling charges page >

What do I need to do before I go abroad?

You need to use your SIM card in a device that receives text messages; this is so we can send you information about using our services abroad. We'll also send you service messages to help you keep on top of your mobile spend.

Different countries charge different amounts for data, texts and calls. So you might want to check these costs before you travel.

Find out more about charges abroad >

To stop you getting hit with an unexpectedly big bill, we cap the amount of data you can use when abroad to &pound35. You can change this by going to >

You might want to think about a BT Mobile data add-on for when you're abroad. It can help keep costs down because you buy several MB of data in one go so the price per MB is lower. Find out more about data add-ons >

Or you can simply turn off data altogether in the settings section of your phone.

Find out how to turn off data settings >

There are other ways we can help you manage how much you spend on your mobile when you're away.

Find out more >



Roaming whilst in the USA


The major operators in the USA, as part of their network upgrades, have switched off their 3G services, and so you may notice a change to your roaming experience (including service availability, coverage areas and speeds) when visiting the USA.


To help minimise any potential disruption to your roaming experience we have made available while in the US, however this is dependent on the US operator’s network availability and device compatibility.

4G Calling will allow you to continue to make and receive calls & SMS over the US network’s 4G/LTE network, so with more network capacity this will improving call setup times, call quality and allow you to continue to use your data roaming at faster speeds.


• 4G Calling works with iPhone 6 and above, if you have mobile plan with us

• 4G Calling may also work with some Android phones, if you have a plan with us. Please check with the manufacturer


To access 4G Calling abroad, you’ll need to make sure your phone is updated to the latest software version and you have VoLTE available whilst in the UK.


4G/LTE might not be available in some areas, in these cases we advise customers to connect to T-Mobile, using the device’s manual selection within the settings menu.


Customers who do not have a 4G calling compatible device are advised to ensure their device is on the T-Mobile network (2G) which would allow voice and SMS, however please note call quality will be lower as a result and data service may be paused during the call.

To ensure the best roaming experience, we encourage customers to upgrade to a compatible 4G Calling device.

Please visit for more details.


Data roaming


To ensure BT customers are able to use their devices while abroad, we work with partner network operators around the world to enable roaming access to their networks.

Many operators are looking to upgrade their networks to expand 4G and 5G coverage/services and to do so requires the switch of older technologies/networks such as 2G and 3G.

Unfortunately, this is out of EE’s control, however do note EE will continue to ensure 4G Calling is made available where possible to ensure roaming service continuity.


How do I turn international roaming on and off?

Just log in to >


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