Save over £320 on BT Broadband & EE TV Full Works

Flexible EE TV packages combined with fast, reliable BT broadband.

Including our superfast broadband, all the Sky channels with NOW, TNT Sports, Netflix, discovery+ and more, with no upfront costs – all this and more with savings over £320.

What’s more, we're introducing Apple TV+ to the mix, and giving you 3 months free.

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Learn about EE TV

Learn more about our five EE TV packages (formerly BT TV packages)


Sky Atlantic and more with NOW Entertainment, Netflix and discovery+ Basic and free-to-air channels

See the Entertainment package details


All four TNT Sports channels, Eurosport 1 and 2, discovery+ Premium (incl. TNT Sports) and free-to-air channels

See the Sport package details

Big Entertainment

Everything from Entertainment plus every Sky Cinema channel with NOW Cinema and discovery+ Basic

See the Big Entertainment package details

Big Sport

Everything from the Sport package plus every Sky Sports channel with NOW Sports and discovery+ Premium

See the Big Sport package details

Full Works (formerly VIP)

Everything from Big Entertainment and Big Sport, Netflix Standard, HD and discovery+ Premium

See the Full Works package details

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Add TV to your BT broadband

From as little as £18 extra a month, you can add a TV package onto your existing broadband deal.

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Upgrade to flexible TV

Still got one of our old TV packages? Now is the time to upgrade and enjoy the benefits of flexible EE TV.

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Manage flexible TV

If you’ve already got flexible EE TV, then go to My BT to add and remove channel packs month by month.

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What to look for when choosing a broadband or TV deal

When you’re selecting a broadband and TV deal the things to consider vary between everyone. Primarily, speed of your broadband and the channels you receive will be the most important. To help you choose, we've pulled together a list of key things you should think about when picking the right package for you:


The download and upload speed is vital when considering which broadband deal suits you and your needs. If you want to stream TV, film or play games online then you’ll probably need higher speeds. Our mixture of packages offers a variety of broadband options to suit everyone.


If your broadband and TV bundle doesn’t fit within your budget then it’s worth considering the next best package for you. Generally, packages with more channels or higher broadband speeds will tend to be more expensive. Also consider any extra costs you might need to factor in for example, adding additional channels to your package or costs of installation.


When selecting a TV package the number of channels is less important than the types of channels you get. If you like sport, make sure your package includes sports channels or streaming services. With most packages you’re able to add-on other channel packs, so you could customise one package with all the channels you need.


Does the package have on-demand content? Recording of live TV or series catch up? Or other features and functions? These small things can make a big difference in how you might use your TV package. It’s also worth factoring in the equipment you’re getting. Is it using the latest tech? Will it give you the viewing or streaming experience you need?


Are you getting any added extras, freebies, or add-ons in your broadband and TV deal? Streaming service subscriptions like Netflix, free equipment, or installations? You may have the opportunity to explore or be offered many different things.

Contract Length

The length of a contract can vary between 12-24 months. So, it’s worth considering what the next few years look like to you and choose a contract length that works for you. Our TV contract lengths are broadly 24 months, this gives you more stability in your contract and allows us to offer better prices.

Customer Service

Customer service is key. Ensuring whichever provider you go with has dedicated and readily available customer service is key to quickly fix any issues you have with your broadband and TV package.

Take a broadband and TV package with or without a home phone

When selecting the perfect package for you on the next page, you have the option to choose between broadband and TV packages with or without a home phone included.

Get a home phone with plans and features that work for you

User-friendly calling plans designed to suit your needs. Our flexible home phone service ensures simplicity and affordability. Plus, with cutting-edge technology in place to ward off unwanted calls, you'll enjoy uninterrupted communication.

TV - Frequently asked questions

Broadband - Frequently asked questions

Important information

The legal stuff

ΔOn 31 March each year the monthly price shown for broadband plans will increase by £3 and for TV plans by £2 (if you take Broadband and TV that’s £5 in total). Out of bundle charges will increase by 5%. All prices shown are in contract prices. Please note the cost of other services you take from us may increase or decrease while you are a BT customer. See for details.


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