3G Signal Assist Service Closing


We're planning to fully close the 3G Signal Assist service on or shortly after 30 June 2022.

We're retiring our 3G Signal Assist service and, as a result, your BT Signal Assist box will no longer work.

We will also no longer issue or activate BT Signal Assist boxes.

We're always working to improve our network coverage, so you may find you no longer need to use your BT Signal Assist box.

Try switching off your BT Signal Assist box, to see if you already have 4G coverage and are able to make a call. If you can, this means you have 4G coverage and don't need to use your BT Signal Assist box.


Find out more about 4G Calling >

If you find you don't have mobile network coverage, you may still be able to make and receive calls and texts using Wi-Fi Calling if you have a compatible device and a Wi-Fi signal.

Find out more about Wi-Fi Calling >

If your device isn’t compatible with Wi-Fi Calling, you may be eligible to upgrade to a device that is compatible. Contact us if you need more help.


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