Using 4G Calling

How do I turn on 4G Calling on my phone?

On compatible iPhones and Android phones, 4G Calling is switched on by default.

Learn more about 4G Calling and how to check if your device is compatible >

How do I make a call?

Just dial or text as normal.

How do I know I'm using 4G Calling?

You'll continue to see the 4G network indicator at the top of your screen while you're making a call and your phone will continue to benefit from 4G speeds.

Can I use 4G Calling abroad?

Sorry but 4G Calling doesn't work while you're roaming. You'll still be able to make calls over 3G and 2G as normal.

Can I call other mobile networks?

You can call anyone, anywhere just as normal.

What does it cost to use 4G Calling?

There's no additional cost for the 4G Calling service - it's an inclusive feature of our BT Mobile plans.

4G Calling doesn't use any of your mobile data. Calls and texts come out of your monthly allowances as normal and anything out of allowance is charged at standard rates.

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