How do I get a PIN or a PUK code for my mobile phone?

We send out our BT Mobile SIMs with the PIN switched off, but you can easily turn it back on.

To do this, you'll need the original PINs:

  • PIN1: 5555
  • PIN2: 6666

To set up your PIN, go to your phone's user guide. It's usually in Settings then Security then Set SIM PIN lock.

It's probably best to change the default PIN to a 4 digit number that's easy to remember.

The SIM PIN only locks the SIM when your phone is turned off. For extra security, you can also set up a screen lock.

Find out how to set up a screen lock on your phone >

I've locked my SIM and need a PUK code

If you get your phone's PIN number wrong three times, you'll need a PUK code (it stands for Personal Unblocking Key).

Don’t try and guess it as you might end up blocking your SIM permanently.

You can see your PUK code by signing in to >

Look under "My phone and SIM".

Finding you PUK code

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