I need help with my BT Mobile SIM

I haven't received my SIM

If your SIM doesn't arrive within two working days please contact us >

The SIM is missing from my welcome pack

If the SIM is missing, you can easily order a replacement by going to >

What if the SIM I ordered doesn't fit my device?

There are three SIM sizes: standard, micro and nano but most devices use a standard or micro SIM. We'll send you a triple SIM, so you just need to pop out the right SIM for your device.

You can find out more at >

I'm having trouble putting my BT Mobile SIM into my device

Some devices come with a tool to help you insert the SIM, so use this if you have one. You can also use something like a paper clip, but be very careful not to damage your device.

Check our phone guides for further help >

I've put my SIM in but BT isn't on the list of mobile providers

When you put your SIM in your device you may be asked to choose from a list of mobile providers. If BT isn't on the list, just choose any of them and your service will work fine.

How to get started with BT Mobile >

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