Help if you have problems paying your bill

What can I do if I’m struggling to pay?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable pay, don’t worry, we are here to support you through difficult times Depending on your situation there are some things we can help you with. Things like:

  • Agreeing a suitable payment arrangement
  • Giving you additional time to pay
  • Information about specialist free debt advice

It’s important to know that some of the support options might impact your credit file. There is no impact to your credit file by contacting us and having a conversation about your circumstances.

We can't support you without you reaching out to us. If you are struggling, please call us and you can speak to one of our family guides. The sooner you get in touch the better:

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Our brilliant teams are all based in the UK or Ireland.

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There are also some things you can do to help make paying easier

  • You can change your payment date to one that suits you if you are on a direct debit
  • Make partial payments through the month

Direct debit payers can change the payment date online. BT : How you pay your bill

Support available for low-income households

We have some basic plans for Mobile, Broadband and Telephone, which are exclusively available to customers on one or more of the following benefits:

·       Universal Credit

·       Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit,

·       Jobseeker’s Allowance

·       Income Support

·       Employment and Support Allowance

You can find out more BT Home Essentials Broadband | Universal Credit Broadband

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

We know it can be hard to talk about money issues, but the best thing to do if you’re struggling to pay is speak to us. We’re here to listen to you and do everything we can to support you through difficult times. The sooner you get in touch the better.

It is important that you know that if we don’t hear from you your service may be affected. This could include disconnection. Ultimately, the debt could then be passed to a third-party debt collection agency to be recovered on our behalf.

Late payment charges may apply more information can be found here BT_PhoneTariff_Residential.pdf

My direct debit has failed, what can I do?

These things happen, but don’t worry we’ll make a second attempt to collect the payment around 7 days later. 

If the second attempt fails, and you haven’t made a payment already, your direct debit will be cancelled, and a failed direct debit charge may be applied to your account.

To avoid disruption to your service you’ll need to pay your outstanding balance or have a support plan in place with us.

Find out all the ways to pay here:

How can I pay my BT bill? | BT Help


Once you’ve paid your outstanding balance, you can then reinstate your direct debit here How can I pay my BT bill? | BT Help

Need more support?

If you’re struggling with your finances, there are several free independent debt advice services that can help. They will give you free and confidential advice and aim to find solutions that are best suited to you and your circumstances. Here are a few:

Are a debt charity set up to give free independent debt advice over the phone and online.

Their advice is free and confidential, they offer a wide range of solutions including a debt assessment and management tool you can use.

Citizens Advice give people knowledge and support in a wide range of issues free of charge. If you find it easier to talk face to face with someone, you can find your local branch on this page tool. 

How can I reduce my bills and manage my spending?

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, it’s important you let us know as soon as possible so we can support you and come up with a solution to potentially make your payments more manageable.

How can I check what's included in my plan?

It’s a good idea to find out what’s included in your plan and what services you might be paying extra for.

For example, if you are on a pay as you go plan, then calls aren’t included in your package and you'll be charged extra for them. Sometimes adding an inclusive calling plan can be cheaper than paying for your calls. 

You may also have some add ons that you may no longer need. You can view and manage your products here Your products | My BT

Can I set a Spend Cap?

Yes, if you have BT Mobile. Adding a Spend Cap to your account restricts usage of services, such as roaming and photo messaging, so you can stay in control of your bill.

You can manage your BT Mobile spend here How can I manage my BT Mobile spend? | BT Help

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