What's it like to be a Graduate at BT?

Our graduates come from all walks of life and do some pretty amazing things. They play a crucial role in keeping the country connected.

We offer graduates two routes to join us at BT; Graduate programmes and Graduate jobs. The application process for each type of role is different, and you can only apply for one or the other, so make sure you’re sure before submitting your application.

Our graduate programme is a structured scheme with a set length - normally two years – which provides professional training and personal growth. Almost all the schemes allow you to spend time in different parts of the organisation to get a feel for where you fit best.  It’s ideal for graduates looking to kick-start their career by gaining a range of experience across several areas.

Graduate jobs are designed for those who know where they want to start their career. We need motivated, high-calibre graduates that want to develop a deep expertise in one business area. You’ll still be offered exceptional training, support and room to take your career in any direction you want, but you’ll be working in your chosen role from day one, and there’s no rotation to other parts of the organisation.

BT graduates

Graduate programmes

Our graduate programmes are perfect for people who aren’t quite sure they know what they want to do yet. Most our programmes rotate around a particular sector, so you can find out what you really enjoy doing.  

BT graduates

Graduate jobs

Our graduate jobs are for those that know exactly where they want to start their career. You won’t rotate around the business, but instead you’ll learn how to be a specialist in one area and start building for your future career.

  • We know that there are lots of different types of graduates; some who know exactly what they want to do, and others who want to try a few different ahead before they commit. This way, you can really pick the route that’s right for you.

    Most of our graduate programmes rotate around a specific part of the business, for example, Marketing. This means you get to try lots of different roles in Marketing until you have to decide where you’d really like to specialise. It’s ideal for graduates looking to get experience across several areas.

    Graduate Jobs are entry level roles for those who already want to start specialising in a job. You’ll be working in your role from Day one, and won’t rotate around. This is ideal for graduates who are already set on their chosen career journey. 

  • No. You can only apply for one Graduate Programme or Graduate Job, so make sure you really think carefully about what you want to do before you apply. 

  • The application process for a Graduate Programme and a Graduate Job are similar, but not the same. That’s why we’ve split them out into different sections, so you can find application information relevant to what you’ve applied for. 

  • Neither our Graduate Jobs or our Graduate Programmes have a set closing date. Rather, we close our roles as soon as we have enough applications, so we’d recommend applying sooner rather than later. 

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BT graduates

Summer and industrial placements

Looking to get some experience whilst at university? Have you considered a placement? If you’re in your penultimate year of study, check out what we have to offer.

BT graduates

Our global graduate programmes

You may not have realised that we also hire graduates with exciting potential based outside the UK too, to work with our wide range of customers in our Global business area. We want grads with brilliant local market knowledge and expertise to share with us – in return you’ll be given some fantastic career opportunities to help you grow and truly succeed.

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