The Grand Tour Russia special: Will it ever happen? Everything we know about the next Clarkson, Hammond and May adventure

The Amazon Prime Video show was planning to film a special in Russia in 2020 before Covid intervened. Here's everything we know so far about the postponed project.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 10 May 2021 - 12.36pm
Getty The Grand Tour presenters

In 2020, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were supposed to be heading to Russia to film a new Grand Tour special.

For once, it wasn’t something that Jeremy Clarkson said which prevented them from visiting a country. Instead, a global pandemic hit which meant that the trio had to change plans and shoot a new episode in Scotland.

The Scotland special is coming later this year to Amazon Prime Video, but the plan to shoot a special in Russia hasn’t been cancelled altogether – it’s just been postponed for now.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Grand Tour Russia special…

When is The Grand Tour filming in Russia?

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Speaking to in autumn 2020, The Grand Tour’s executive producer Andy Wilman said: “Right now we should be preparing the Russia film we were supposed to shoot last February. We’re not going to get to doing that for a while because nothing is certain enough.

“These films take months to plan and by planning I mean spending money. And if you spend money and things get shoved back you don’t get the money back. And we can’t blow money on things that will just go to waste. We have to wait until we can plan with confidence.”

James May said: “The Russia plan is simply postponed until we don’t know when, but we haven’t cancelled it. We’re just having to put it in the cupboard at the moment but we will get it out one day and finish it off.”

The presenter add: “I think once the Russian trip was put on hold we realised [coronavirus] was a bigger problem than we thought. But it doesn’t stop you making great television. The process of being forced to rethink things is in some ways really healthy, because otherwise you would get complacent or set in your ways.

“It’s making us use our imagination. It’s obviously not good news for the world because we’ve got a pandemic, but for The Grand Tour it’s definitely not going to stop us. If anything it might even improve us – imagine that!”

When will The Grand Tour Russia special be released?

Amazon Prime Video

With no current plans to start filming in Russia, it’s going to be a long while before it ever makes it screen.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed travel restrictions will be eased later this year and in 2022, which might make it possible for the special to follow later in 2022.

When is the next Grand Tour special out?

Travel restrictions have halted plans to take the show abroad, but the team have continued filming in the UK and a Scotland special will be released at some point in 2021.

The trio were spotted travelling across Edinburgh and the Outer Hebrides in a red Cadillac, green Buick and blue Lincoln.

In April 2021, the trio began filming another UK special and were spotted filming in Wales and across various locations in England including Eastbourne and Leamington.

How to watch The Grand Tour

Watch The Grand Tour season 1-3 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Grand Tour Presents specials, Seamen and A Massive Hunt, are also available now on Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video is also the home of James May’s travel series Our Man in Japan and cookery show, Oh Cook and Richard Hammonds’ pop science series The Great Escapists.

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