The Grand Tour Eastern Europe special: Release date, locations, cars - everything we know so far

Fresh from the sub-zero spectacle that was A Scandi Flick, Clarkson, Hammond and May will be back together on Prime Video in 2023 with an Eastern Europe special.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 8 December 2022 - 5.02pm
Prime Video Jeremy Clarkson filming The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour team are making up for lost time during lockdown and have already filmed their next season 5 special.

Early this year, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May released a snow and ice-filled Arctic special called Scandi Flick, but fans won’t have long to wait to see the gang back on the road.

Although Scandi Flick only came out in September, the trio had already filmed an Eastern European odyssey before their Nordic adventure was released on Prime Video.

Here is everything you need to know about The Grand Tour season 5’s Eastern Europe special…

What is the next Grand Tour special release date?

Prime Video

Clarkson, Hammond and May filmed their next season 5 special before Scandi Flick was released in September.

It usually takes executive producer Andy Wilman and the production team six to eight months to turn around the footage into a final film, so we can probably expect the next special to reaching Prime Video in Spring 2023.

Has The Grand Tour been cancelled?

Variety is reporting that The Grand Tour will end after its latest run of season 5 specials on Prime Video.

The American publication claims Prime won't be renewing any deals with presenter Jeremy Clarkson following his comments in The Sun newspaper about Meghan Markle.

The Grand Tour Eastern European special, which is currently being edited, will be released in 2023 and three further specials are expected to follow.

Where is the next Grand Tour special being filmed? 

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The next Grand Tour special is a trek across Eastern Europe, which will reportedly explore the impacts of World War II on the region.

The presenters have been spotted filming in various locations such as Gdansk and the Tor Poznan Racetrack where, according to Grand Tour Nation, Richard Hammond had yet another crash.

An Instagram post from Jeremy Clarkson revealed that the team had also visited a prisoner of war camp during the trip.

The full journey is expected to follow Clarkson, Hammond and May on the road from Poland, through the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary before finishing their journey in Slovenia.

When asked about the Eastern Europe special in September, Richard Hammond said: "It’s just great to be released into the great outdoors with your mates that you’ve worked with for 20 years. We love it. I’ve worked in television for decades, and you just don’t get to see a crew of that size, and that level of professionalism.

"And idiocy. I mean, if you watch them when they’re bored, honestly, it’s terrifying.

"There’s lots of waiting at borders or airports or for cameras to be set up but honestly, give them a can and a handful of stones and they can entertain themselves for hours. It’s like a zoo exhibit.

"But then, when it calls for them to be professional, they leap up and swing into action. They’re absolute machines. But if they’re bored with nothing to do, they’re idiots."

What cars are Clarkson, Hammond and May driving?

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Reports from fans who followed progress on filming revealed that Clarkson will drive a Mitsuoka LeSayde, Hammond is using a Chevrolet SSR and James May will be travelling in a Crosley Convertible

How to watch Clarkson, Hammond, May and the Grand Tour specials

Season 1-5 of The Grand Tour are available to watch exclusively on Prime Video.

Prime Video is also the home of Clarkson’s Farm, James May’s Our Man travel series and Richard Hammond’s Great Escapists.

Clarkson’s Farm is confirmed to return for season 2 in 2023 and a season 3 will follow in 2024.

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Where is the next Grand Tour special being filmed?

The show’s stars and executive producer Andy Wilman have all confirmed that they want to keep on making The Grand Tour, but there is no confirmed location for the next season 5 special.

However, Andy Wilman did tell The Sun that there is one destination they’ve never filmed before that he would like to explore.

"We have always wanted to go – for its beauty – to Iran, but we’ve never managed to get in there, it’s just tricky and tricky and tricky," he said.

"That’s always been on our….Christ knows what we would do but we’ve always wanted to go there. That’s our number one."