If you love the Spanish thriller Money Heist, you’re going to be addicted to White Lines.

Both shows are created by Alex Pina and White Lines matches the Spanish drama for wild twists and outrageous turns.

Filmed in the gorgeous Balearics, lively Madrid, and in the drizzle of Manchester, the show is pure escapism for anyone longing for a trip abroad during lockdown.

All 10 episodes are released on Netflix on Friday, May 15. Here's our quick guide to the cast and characters.

Laura Haddock – Zoe

Laura Haddock as Zoe in White Lines Netflix

Zoe is the central character in White Lines. Her brother Axel departed Manchester when she was just 15 to pursue his DJ dreams. 20 years on from his disappearance in Ibiza, Zoe heads over to the Spanish island to uncover the truth about what really happened to him.

Haddock is best known for her roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, The Inbetweeners Movie and Transformers: The Last Knight.

Tom Rhys Harries – Axel

Tom Rhys Harries as Axel in the sunshine in White Lines Netflix

Axel is a hedonistic dreamer and extremely talented DJ who began his career hosting illegal raves in Manchester before heading to Ibiza to continue living his dream. His skills and lifestyle made him lots of friends, but it also brought him close to a very dangerous world.

You may have previously seen Harries in Sky Atlantic’s Britannia, Jekyll and Hyde or the movie Hunky Dory.

Daniel Mays – Marcus

Daniel Mays as Marcus Netflix

Marcus is one of Axel’s Manchester friends and followers who takes the trip to Ibiza with him in 1996. Daniel Mays plays a grown-up Marcus, who is a terrible coke-dealer and an average DJ clinging on to memories of his wilder, younger years.

Daniel Mays is one of Britain’s best actors, who you may have seen in Sky One comedy Code 404, Line of Duty, Ashes to Ashes or Red Riding.

Cel Spellman - ‘Young’ Marcus

Cel Spellman as 'Young' Marcus Netflix

Cel Spellman is a Radio 1 DJ and actor, who is best known for appearing in recent series of Cold Feet as Adam's son, Matt.

In White Lines he plays the ‘young’ version of Marcus, who parties in Manchester and Ibiza and who hangs off the coat tails of Axel.

Angela Griffin – Anna

Angela Griffin as Anna in White Lines Netflix

“Anna is one of the original four friends who left Manchester in 1996 to go to Ibiza,” Griffin explained to BT TV.

“There is Axel, David, Anna and Marcus. When Axel was younger, Anna would sometimes look after Zoe if she came to one of the raves. They have a friendship, but not particularly close. 

“So when Zoe comes to Ibiza 25 years later to find out what happened to Axel, she goes to the original friends. And Anna is there to give a helping hand… or is she?”

Anna has split up from Marcus in the modern day storyline and now organises large sex parties.

Griffin is a familiar face to British TV viewers, having starred as Fiona Middleton in Coronation Street and appeared in shows such as Holby City and Cutting It.

Last year, she also starred in Idris Elba’s Netflix series Turn Up Charlie.

Laurence Fox – Dave

Laurence Fox as Dave in Netflix's White Lines Netflix

Dave is another of Axel’s childhood friends who enjoys a hedonistic lifestyle. In the modern-day storyline, he’s played by Laurence Fox. When Zoe reunites with Axel’s old friends, Dave is living a very unusual hippy lifestyle.

Fox is best known for his role as DS James Hathaway in in ITV drama Lewis and as Lord Palmerston in Victoria.

Marta Milans – Kika Calafat

Marta Milans as Kika Calafat in White Lines Netflix

The daughter in a powerful Spanish family who hold a lot of power and influence in Ibiza, young Kika had a relationship with Axel.

Juan Diego Botto – Oriol Calafat

Juan Diego Botto as Oriol Calafat in White Lines Netflix

The son of the Calafat clan, Oriol also had a friendship with Axel when he was younger. He’s now slowly taking charge of the family's various business dealings on the island.

Pedro Casablanc - Andreu Calafat

Pedro Casablanc as Andreu Calafat in White Lines Netflix

The head of the Calafat family, Andreu has a lot of power, influence and control on the island.

Belen Lopez – Conchita Calafat

Belen Lopez as Conchita in White Lines Netflix

Conchita is Marta and Oriol’s mother. She is one of the most intriguing and unusual characters in White Lines.

Nuno Lopes – Boxer

Nuno Lopes as Boxer in White Lines Netflix

A bodyguard for the Calafat family, Boxer quickly establishes an unusual friendship with Zoe as they both search for the truth about what happened to Axel – for very different reasons.

Barry Ward - Mike Collins

Barry Ward with Laura Haddock in White Lines Netflix

Mike Collins is Zoe's husband and the father of her daughter. At the start of the series, he reluctantly lets Zoe head off on her mission to find the truth about Axel in Ibiza.

You will recognise Barry Ward from his recent performances in Lennie James's critically acclaimed Sky Atlantic drama Save Me, Sky One series Britannia and BBC drama The Fall.

All 10 episodes of White Lines are available on Netflix now.

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