Line of Duty: If you like the BBC One police drama, you’ll love... The Missing, Bodies, Informer and more

Can’t get enough of Line of Duty? You’ll love these similar TV crime dramas and mysteries, which you can watch and stream now.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 5 May 2021 - 4.51pm
BBC Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston in Line of Duty

Now we’re sucking diesel. Line of Duty returned with a bang in 2021 as season 6 got record ratings and got the whole nation talking about Hastings, Arnott and Fleming.

Jed Mercurio’s twist-filled, heart-pounding police thriller has been the most influential British drama of the last decade.

But with no official confirmation of a seventh season and a long-wait for any new episodes, what are you going to watch while you wait for AC-12 to get the band back together?

One way to help ease your impatience is to watch some similar shows – nail-biting crime thrillers and twist-filled mysteries.

If you like Line of Duty, you will love all eight of these shows...

Between the Lines

Between the Lines - 90s BBC cop drama BBC

Originally aired: 1992-94

Where can I watch it:  Season 1 is on BBC iPlayer

How many series: Three seasons, 35 episodes

Starring Neil Pearson, Siobhan Redmond, Tom Georgeson and Tony Doyle, this 90s drama series won Baftas and was in many ways the precursor to Line of Duty.

Following the CIB (Complaints Investigation Buerau), an organisation looking into complaints and corruption in the force, it was a landmark police drama that has lasted the test of time.


Originally aired: 2018

Where can I watch it: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer

How many series: One season, 6 episodes

Starring Nabhaan Rizwan, Jessica Raine and Paddy Considine, Informer is a tense thriller about a second-generation British Pakistani who is coerced into working as an informant for a counter-terrorism unit.

Exploring themes around identity and family, the series feels like a forgotten gem from the BBC


Max Beesley and Patrick Baladi in Bodies BBC

Originally aired: 2004-2006

Where can I watch it: BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video

How many series: Two seasons, 17 episodes

Ranked among the best shows of the 2000s by The Times and among the Greatest Television Dramas of All Time by The Guardian, Bodies was Line of Duty mastermind Jed Mercurio’s breaththrough series.

In a similar way to how Mercurio ripped up the police drama rule book, Bodies provided a fresh perspective on what a hospital drama could be. A world away from Holby City and Casualty, Bodies offered an unfiltered take on the genre.

Max Beesley and Patrick Baladi are among the cast.

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Originally aired: 2015 - Present

Where can I watch it: Seasons 1-3 on BritBox. Season 4 currently airing on ITV and ITV Hub.

How many series: Four seasons, 24 episodes

The most underrated drama on British TV, Unforgotten is head and shoulders above the neverending mass of crime dramas populating our screens.

Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar bring charm and natural chemistry as the lead detectives Cassie and Sunny, but it’s the smartly-plotted cold case mysteries that are this show’s trump card.


Originally aired: 2021

Where can I watch it: BBC iPlayer

How many series: One season, four episodes (Season 2 is confirmed)

Exec-produced by Jed Mercurio, Bloodlands had many of the hallmarks of Line of Duty as it twisted viewers expectations of where a crime drama should turn.

James Nesbitt is excellent as the conflicted protagonist who finds himself digging into a personal tragedy when an infamous killer nicknamed Goliath resurfaces in Northern Ireland two decades after his last murder.


Originally aired: 2018

Where can I watch it: Netflix

How many series: One season, six episodes

Keeley Hawes played Home Secretary Julia Montague and Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden starred as her Personal Protection Officer, David Budd, in this enthralling and addictive thriller.

Each episode reveals further complexities in the pair's professional and personal relationships as they find themselves at the heart of a web of intrigue that involves the security services and the police as well as politicians and civil servants within Westminster itself.

The explosive finale was watched by over 17 million viewers in the UK and everyone has been desperately hoping for a second season ever since.


Originally aired: 2010-2019

Where can I watch it: BBC iPlayer

How many series: Five seasons, 20 episodes

Not for the faint-hearted, Luther is the more violent and creepy cousin to Line of Duty when it comes to crime thrillers.

Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson lead the cast through a series of psychological and twisted storylines that will leave you gasping and hiding behind the sofa.

A movie is rumoured to be in development, but for the time being there are five seasons to dive into on iPlayer.

The Missing

Originally aired: 2014-16

Where can I watch it: BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video

How many series: Two seasons, 16 episodes

The Missing creators Harry and Jack Williams are masters of crime mysteries and The Missing is the duo’s finest hour. Season 1's story about a missing boy starring James Nesbitt as the desperate father is fantastic, however, it was season 2 that took the show to another level.

Starring David Morrissey, Keeley Hawes and Roger Allam, the mystery about a girl going missing in Germany is brilliantly crafted.

Tcheky Karyo's standout performances in both series as French detective Julien Baptiste even earned him a 2019 spin-off, Baptiste, which is also available on BBC iPlayer and Prime Video.


Watch every episode of Line of Duty season 1-5 on BBC iPlayer.

Watch season six from Sunday, March 21.

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