Have you ever woken in the middle of the night and felt like something wasn't right?

You may have woken during the ‘Devil’s Hour’ – the hour between 3am and 4am, or 3.33am specifically, regarded as a time when unexplainable things can occur. 

That is the sinister and thrilling premise at the heart of Prime Video's The Devil’s Hour.

Bringing together an all-star cast and the creative team behind Sherlock and Dracula, this six-part mind-bending thriller looks set to be a must-watch.

Here is everything you need to know about The Devil’s Hour...

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What's the release date of The Devil's Hour?

The Devil's Hour is streaming every episode now on Prime Video.

It's perfectly timed for a Halloween binge watch.

Jessica Raine as Lucy in The Devil's Hour Prime Video

What's the plot of The Devil's Hour?

The Devil's Hour follows the story of Lucy (Jessica Raine), who is woken at exactly 3.33am every night by terrifying visions.

Her eight-year-old son is withdrawn and emotionless. Her mother speaks to empty chairs. Her house is haunted by the echoes of a life that isn't her own.

Lucy has spent so long taking care of other people that she has forgotten how to take care of herself. Only in the silence of the Devil’s Hour – while she lies in bed reflecting on disturbing dreams – is she forced to consider her own deteriorating mental state. The strange sense of déjà vu that has haunted her since childhood is now manifesting in visions of a violent future – waking nightmares she has never understood but can no longer ignore

When Lucy's name is inexplicably connected to a string of brutal murders in the area, the answers that have evaded her all these years will finally come into focus. 

Jessica Raine waking up at The Devil's Hour Prime Video

Talking about the show at Prime Video Presents 2022, Raine said: "Lucy wakes up every night at 3.33am and has done for her whole life but she doesn’t know why. She has an eight-year-old son who is completely blank and she is trying to get to the bottom of why her son is so emotionless.

"On top of this, there is a series of dark happenings going on around her and she might be the connection. She’s on the brink of insanity."

Peter Capaldi, who plays mysterious criminal Gideon, said: "The nature of the piece is spectacularly dark and has been enjoyable to play. 

"He is a character that has fallen through the cracks and is responsible for some serious crimes. But he is not what he appears. He belongs to the night."

The Devil's Hour key artwork

The creator of The Devil's Hour, newcomer Tom Moran, explained that the show is about "the questions nobody can answer".

"We're peeling back the layers of reality to reveal the secret nature of our existence – an imagined hypothesis for the meaning of life itself," said Moran.

"At its core, this story is about what it really means to be a human being.

"Our human being is Lucy Chambers. She's an overburdened social worker trying to do her best for her troubled son. She's the woman who lives down the street, getting on with things and wading through life's hardships with a polite smile on her face.

"I wanted to tackle big, philosophical questions through a nuanced lens – and they don’t come more nuanced than Jessica Raine.

"Her honest and emotional performance has taken the unreality of this world and made it more real than I ever could have imagined."

Moran revealed that he first had the idea for the series in 2016, but had been constantly knocked back because he was a new writer. He said it was only when producer Sue Vertue (Sherlock, Coupling) saw the script that he got the backing to get the "unconventional story" made into a series.

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Who's in The Devil's Hour cast?

Jessica Raine as Lucy in The Devil's Hour Prime Video
  • Jessica Raine (Patrick Melrose, Call the Midwife) as Lucy Chambers
  • Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who, The Thick of It) as Gideon Shepherd
  • Nikesh Patel (Starstruck) as DI Ravi Dhillon
  • Meera Syal (Yesterday, Goodness Gracious Me) as Ruby Bennett
  • Alex Ferns (Chernobyl) as DI Nick Holness
  • Phil Dunster (Ted Lasso) as Mike Stevens
  • Barbara Marten (Sanctuary) as Sylvia Chambers
  • Thomas Dominique (Blood Drive)
  • Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty (The Donmar Warehouse's All-Female Shakespeare Trilogy)
  • John Alastair (Swimming with Men)
  • Sandra Huggett (Coronation Street)
  • Benjamin Chivers as Isaac Stevens

Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife, Patrick Melrose) leads the cast as Lucy, the character who finds herself waking up at 3.33am every day.

Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who, The Thick of It) will play a reclusive nomad driven by a murderous obsession, and Starstruck’s Nikesh Patel plays a compassionate detective Ravi Dhillon who is leading a police manhunt.

Jessica Raine - Plays Lucy

Jessica Raine as Lucy in The Devil's Hour Prime Video

"I play Lucy – and she's just extraordinary. But perhaps the best description I would use for Lucy is 'completely frazzled'," says Jessica Rayne.

"She’s just got so much on her plate. She has a huge responsibility – she has an eight-year-old son, Isaac, who has perplexed everyone from the moment he was born. He doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t cry.

"It’s really tragic and no one can get to the bottom of why. What I admire about her so much is that she keeps on trying to get to work out what’s going on; because I don’t think it’s a given that if your child was like that you’d stick around – because you get nothing back. The fact that she tirelessly keeps trying I found really moving."

Peter Capaldi - Plays Gideon

Peter Capaldi as Gideon in The Devil's Hour Prime Video

"I have to be careful not to reveal too much! In some ways, he’s a criminal. He’s a murderer and a threat to society. So he’s a very, very smart and elusive villain that the police are pursuing (and never quite managing to catch). Until they do," says Peter Capaldi.

"And when they do, he then reveals that he’s not quite what we think he is. But obviously, that gives everything away. And that doesn’t happen till Episode 6."

Nikesh Patel - Plays DI Ravi Dhillon

Nikesh Patel in The Devil's Hour Amazon Prime Video

"When we meet him at the start of the series he's investigating two murders and we get a sense that he's very conscientious. He's committed to not cutting any corners in order to try and find out who is responsible for these crimes," says Nikesh Patel.

"He also starts picking at the loose threads of this cold case: the disappearance of someone called Jonah Taylor about a decade ago. There's a contrast established between him and his partner, DS Holness [Alex Ferns], who very much takes the view that 'Look, life's tough enough. So don't bring up this cold case'.

"Over the course of the series, you get a sense there's a doggedness to him that eventually brings him into contact with Lucy."

Phil Dunster - Plays Mike Stevens

Phil Dunster as Mike Stevens Prime Video

"Mike is the estranged husband and father to Lucy [Jessica Raine] and Isaac [Benjamin Chivers] – and he just wants to be with Lucy. He loves her very much. Everything was brilliant until Isaac came along. At which point, he couldn’t connect with Isaac, for many different reasons, and he has slowly become more distant from the two of them," says Phil Dunster.

"He seems like quite a bad father in the sense that he just doesn’t want to engage. But hopefully we see that it’s not just him being bad at ingratiating himself with Isaac. The situation means that nobody can engage with him."

Alex Ferns - Plays DS Nick Holness

Alex Ferns in The Devil's Hour Prime Video

"I’m playing Nick Holness – a seasoned detective who is working with Nikesh’s [Patel] character, Dhillon. The way it was described to me by Johnny Allen [Director] is that Nick Holness has seen too many winters and Dhillon has seen too few. And this is actually quite apt in real life," explains Alex Ferns.

"For once, I’m not playing an absolute psycho. It’s nice. Holness is very tough but very gentle. He’s a man whose moral compass is heading true north and anything that veers from that moral compass is absolutely no go for him."

Peter Capaldi in The Devil's Hour Prime Video

The series was shot in London and Farnborough Studios.

Who are the creators of The Devil's Hour?

The six-part series will be produced by Hartswood Films (Dracula, Sherlock). The executive producers are Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, The Time Traveler's Wife) and Tom Moran.

All six episodes are written and created by Tom Moran.

How to watch The Devil's Hour

The Devil’s Hour is available exclusively now on Prime Video.

Prime Video is the home of smash hit series including Good Omens, Jack Ryan, The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and The Grand Tour.

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