Loosely based on the Guy Richie film of the same name, AMC heist drama Snatch now has two series under its belt.


Headed up by Rupert Grint and Luke Pasqualino, the series follows the exploits of the Hill Gang who are on the run in the Costa Del Crime.

Before the second series aired in 2018, we chatted with Rupert Grint, who plays Charlie Cavendish Scott, on the set in Malaga to get the lowdown on the show.

1. How did you end up filming series 2 in Spain

Phoebe Dynevor and Rupert Grint in Snatch

It was going to film in Puerto Rico before the hurricane hit. We were very close to flying out there. But it was just a terrible thing that happened out there.

We left the end of the first series on a boat to Spain with 10 million euros and something happens in Biarritz on the way there. My love interest leaves with her share of the money, leaving Charlie heartbroken. And then when we come into Spain, we get hijacked, lose all the money and we’re left with nothing.

I’m very open-minded about it, but Spain now feels like home. I’d love to stay in Malaga. It’s got a real gangster vibe and edginess that suits the show.

It feels weirdly so much more at home than it did in Manchester. This is Costa Del Crime. We’re in the company of hiding fugitives, probably not very far from here right now. It’s great here – it’s so beautiful.

2. What has changed from series 1?

The cast of AMC drama Snatch peering into the boot of a car

The new plan is to go straight. We try to become part of the community, find a dilapidated bar and make a go of it. But it doesn’t take long before we all get a bit itchy and want to start doing a few scams.

Charlie’s cut down on the recreational drugs and drinking a little bit. But he’s really not a natural gangster and he has to make a big effort to fit in with these scary people. He does get himself in some crazy situations – I love Charlie. 

3. Is it true you based Charlie on Prince Harry and have you ever met him?

Rupert Grint as Charlie Cavendish in Snatch

I’ve never met him actually. I don’t think I’d ever admit that to him. I think Harry has changed a little bit as well. That was my initial inspiration, but there’s very little Prince Harry in Charlie now.

4. Are there more action sequences and stunts for Charlie in series 2?

There is a lot more running – yes I consider running a stunt.

There are a lot of big shoot-outs in series 2. I love the contrast with Charlie. He shouldn’t be here, but he’s really trying to be part of this group. He doesn’t have a family life, so he needs this.

This is really important for him. You would not expect someone like Charlie to be involved with these people, but he really loves it and he loves the hunt for the next scam or scheme.

5. Do you get any say over Charlie’s outlandish outfits?

Rupert Grint as Charlie Cavendish in Snatch

I do get a say on them. It’s great fun. But here in Spain, it’s just so unnecessary. I mean, I’m wearing a scarf. It’s just too much.

6. What are the Harry Potter fans like in Spain?

Fans in different countries all have their own different vibe. In Spain, they’re quite hardcore, they’re passionate. They’re very emotional, it’s quite sweet. In London, they often just want a picture and they’re gone. Over here they want more of a conversation, it’s really nice.

7. Did you ever get up to any scams that compare to Charlie?

I’m still in fear of the law. When I was younger, I did a few little scams. I used to sell counterfeit Pokémon cards in the playground. I got banned from ASDA for swapping prices on video games. It was pretty lame. So I do have a little crooked past, but I’m pretty well behaved now.